Dogs are part of our lives, they make us happier and flexible, but, on the other hand, they need to be properly cared to have a healthy lifestyle. The first step after bringing home a new puppy is the house training that involves a lot of patience and tolerance. Potty training puppies can be easy if made with intelligence, using the modern solutions and techniques that exist nowadays.

Michael Schoeff, the inventor of an innovative potty training system, tells that owners without experience or busy owners are usually scared of adopting puppies because of the effort involved in housetraining them.

Most persons don’t have enough time to spend with their pets. It is well-known that puppies don’t have control over elimination until at least 12 weeks of age and when their bladder or rectum are full, they empty spontaneously.

What you should know when you use classic potty training

While classic house training involves accidents, it is difficult and it takes too much time, continuous monitoring, patience and consistency, modern potty training allows owners to do their activities without worrying for their puppies, saving time and providing comfort to them. It is good to know that traditional potty training based on outdoor walks increases the risk of infections for puppies that haven’t completed their vaccinations.

On the other hand, taking a pup to eliminate in specific place indoors makes him get used to it and practice it as an adult, too.

Guidelines and schedule are mandatory

Clear guidelines and schedules are necessary to get puppies on the right track in few weeks. Classic potty training involves a routine to ensure eliminations at consistent times.

It is a very important aspect if we took into consideration that puppies have control over their bladder one hour for every month of age. For example, they need to defecate 5 to 30 minutes after eating.

Choose specific spots outdoors

Owners should pick specific spots outside to always take puppies there to eliminate. They should use specific words or phrases before going outdoors to get their puppies accustomed.

Walks, playtime and rewards are recommended after puppies have defecated outdoors to reinforce their good habits.

Restrict your puppy to small areas indoors

If owners cannot supervise their puppies carefully, it is recommended to restrict puppies to small areas to avoid the elimination. The spaces should be comfortable to stand, lie down and turn around. A crate or a leash can be used, but puppies need to be regularly taken outdoors to eliminate.

Use positive reinforcement

Specialists recommend positive reinforcement, as well as a calm and assertive attitude. Puppies shouldn’t be punished for eliminating in the house to avoid a negative connection with their bodily function. If this happens, it is recommended to clean up the room and remove the smell.

Find someone to take care of your pup

When applying for traditional potty training, busy owners need to find other persons to take care of their puppies and take them for bathroom breaks several times a day. Outdoors walks are needed especially after eating, drinking, sleeping and playing.

Modern potty train makes the housetraining easier

Avoiding nervous and impatient attitude towards puppies as well as a loud tone are crucial aspects for the good health of puppies, but they seem to be impossible to apply when you are busy and have lots of problems. Everyone likes to be up to date and use the best solutions, especially when it comes to take care of their loved pets.

Innovative systems like Pup Pee Poo Palace are very helpful to potty train puppies and help owners to get rid of all their worries and necessary breaks for outdoor walks.

Pup Pee Poo Palace was granted by United States Patent and Trademark Office and has received the patent number 9521826 on December 20, 2016. It was created by Michael Schoeff and dr. Gary Rybka and it was released in 2013 as a solution for busy persons that don’t have enough time to spend with their dogs. It has a great functionality, being comfortable for puppies. It is made of an elevated loft where puppies can rest and pee pads and tray clips where they can eliminate.

Pup Pee Poo Palace is not only a good and comfortable solution for dogs, but also an excellent solution for the peace of their owners. They can enjoy their time at home without having to worry about their puppies housetrain.

Use both classic and modern potty train techniques

The best part is that owners can combine the two methods. It is a good idea to let puppies go outdoors whenever they have time. When they are busy with their daily activities, owners can let their puppies enjoy their comfortable place inside the palace.