Goat yoga is the latest trend when it comes to the oriental discipline. After the success in recent years of variants like anti-gravity or Bikram, the latest novelty is practicing yoga while goats roam around, and this is now available at afarm in New Hampshire. The practitioners wear athletic tops and sit on bright coloured foam mats while five Nigerian dwarf goats prance around in the studio. The studio is located in the Jennese Farm in southern New Hampshire where goats climb around or sit around as yoga buffs practice yoga poses like the cat pose and bridge pose.

The goat yoga farm became popular on social media and started getting calls from people who wanted to take classes there. The two acre farm is located 100 kilometres north of Boston and the amazing goat yoga videos are taking social media by storm.

Novel yoga experiment

Goat yoga classes are also held in other places in the country, like Oregon and Arizona, and the goat therapy trend is quickly becoming a thing. The use of animals in human activity is getting popular: Cincinnati airport even introduced miniature therapy horses to calm down passengers taking a flight. Goat therapy is the new trend to spice up the yoga world and it is happening in the US. The farm in New Hampshire is open to 30 different species of goats and the main business of the farm is selling goat milk.

Initially, the goat studio started in a side room of the farm, but they now have a full fledged space with yoga teachers and enthusiastic students. The classes are priced moderately and the animals are placed there to delight the students. As it turned out, having the animals roaming around brings a kind of easy and joyful approach to the classes and a kind of nice energy to the room, bringing people together.

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Calm and funny

The goat yoga is a great therapy endeavor and it is impossible to be sad and depressed with goats jumping all around. Humans would spend time with the animals and the goats will climb around them or jump on them or sit around. Goats make good therapy animals and while the endeavor may sound silly, it actually can work as therapy for physical and mental ailments.

Being at once kind of calm and funny, goats make the perfect therapy animal and the farm in New Hampshire taps into that resource. The introduction of animals is also set to reform the fitness world after experiments like heat, dancing and water types. The idea is novel and while goats as therapy animals look quirky and fun, it comes as a great pastime, similar to the introduction of horses at airport. Except goats are also cool and quirky.