Flying used to be easy. However with all the recent scandals over passengers’ bad experiences on various airlines (which shall not be named), along with endless flight delays and TSA security checks, flying can be really stressful these days. To ease the tensions, officials at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport have found the perfect way to soothe passengers’ tensions by bringing in a herd of cute miniature therapy horses.

Miniature horses to soothe passengers’ nerves and bring smiles

As reported by NPR, the Cincinnati Airport has teamed up with the non-profit Seven Oaks Farm to borrow 34 of their miniature therapy horses to hang around, looking cute, in the ticketing area twice monthly.

Airport spokeswoman Wendi Orlando says she enjoys having the Miniature Horses there, saying to see the horses easing passengers’ anxiety levels and putting smiles on their faces makes it all so worthwhile. She said the scheme is “clearly working,” adding that when you watch passengers walking by and spotting the horses, it “never gets old.” Orlando added that they really enjoy seeing – and naturally petting – the little horses.

The miniature horses have reportedly received many hours of training at the airport and are totally calm among all the crowds of people and luggage surrounding them.

People are encouraged to pet the horses and many can’t resist posing for selfies with the cute little animals. Shoma Anjola was traveling in from Toronto said he had seen a

Shoma Anjola was traveling in from Toronto said he had seen a therapy dog at another airport and was amazed to see the tiny horses at Cincinnati airport.

He told NPR this is relatively new to him as, up until recently, he had never seen anything like this in all the time he has been traveling.

Therapy animals becoming a regular airport thing

Jezebel reports that Cincinnati airport is not alone in bringing in therapy animals to calm their passengers’ nerves.

In fact, it appears to be becoming a regular thing. Reportedly there are now Therapy Dogs at more than 30 airports nationwide.

The airport in San Jose, California started their therapy dog program following the September 11 attacks and have kept it going, with 21 therapy dogs – along with one therapy cat – on hand for passengers to pet and “aw” over.

Reportedly San Francisco, for originality, even has a therapy pig at the airport, which just has to be fun. While Cincinnati airport originally planned for therapy dogs, once officials caught on to the idea of miniature horses, they changed their plans. It sounds like it was really worthwhile.