The medical community of Boston was shocked to learn of the murder of two of their colleagues in their luxury penthouse and the suspect has been taken into custody by the police. He is a 30-year-old man believed to be from Massachusetts who was recently released from prison and would face murder and other charges for the death of the doctors.

Brief details of the case

USA Today reports that the victims were 49-year-old Richard Field and 38-year-old Lina Bolanos. Both of them were anesthesiologists and their throats were slit while their hands were tied.

Additional information furnished by Police Commissioner William Evans indicated that officers were attending to a disturbance call when they came across the suspect who began shooting at them.

In the gunfight that followed the suspect shot multiple times and was finally overpowered and taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Officers were not shot at, but "several" of them had to be hospitalized because of minor injuries. From available evidence it seems the apartment building in South Boston was fitted with sophisticated security system and the killer was acquainted with the victims. The suspect from Chelsea has a police record because he had been convicted of larceny on two occasions and had recently been released from jail.

Both the doctors were outstanding in their profession and were loved by the community and fellow doctors are trying to come to terms with the reality of their murder.

The motive of the murders

Every murder must have a motive but in this case, there is no clue as to the motive. Since the hands of the victims were tied and their throats slit, the crime cannot be labeled as one committed on the spur of the moment.

Moreover, there is no report of loss of any valuables, hence robbery can be ruled out and, since it is presumed that the killer knew the victims, a probable motive could be some sort of a past grudge or enmity.

Incidentally, there was a message of retribution scrawled on a wall in the apartment and Richard Field had sent a text message to a friend pleading for help.

These could be pointers to the motive but, whatever be the case, the fact remains that two respected doctors were murdered in cold blood in Boston. The suspect is already in police custody and his interrogation should throw light on the motive. Murder is a heinous crime and whosoever commits such a crime must be punished.