Are all banks closed on Memorial Day? Monday is a federal holiday, so many people assume banks won't be open. For the most part, that's true, but there are a few major banks that will open their doors for either regular business hours or special holiday hours on May 29.

Check out the list of banks below to see if yours is on the list.

Holiday banking

The Federal Reserve Bank, the central banking system of the United States, is closed on all Memorial Day, one of 10 Federal Holidays. However, that does not mean that your local banking institution will be closed.

And if the main branches aren't open, many banks will open their supermarket or store branches limited hour on holidays so customers can get their banking done.

If your bank is closed, you can alway use an ATM to make a deposit or get cash. If you are pinching pennies, make sure you use an in-network ATM or you could pay a transaction fee of $1.50 - $4. Most banks have mobile apps that come in handy for transferring funds, setting up bill payments, or to check your balance.

Which banks are open Monday?

Many financial institutions are open limited hours on Saturday, so you may want to get your banking done then so you don't have to worry about what's open and what's closed on Memorial Day.

Go Banking Rates reports that at least 27 major banks will be closed on Memorial Day including Santander, Wells Fargo, Citizens, PNC, Bank of America, Chase Bank, Capital One, HSBC, Key Bank, Santander, Sovereign, U.S., and TD Bank.

However, there are two banks that have been open on Memorial Day in previous years — SunTrust and PNC. That may not be the case now, so call ahead to be sure. Of note — if you do you banking with a credit union, expect all branches to close their doors on Monday.

Are all government offices closed on Memorial Day?

Most non-essential government employees have the day off on Monday.

Expect to find many state and federal offices to be closed including the IRS, Social Security, the DMV or RMV, and federal and state courthouses. Schools, libraries, and the stock market will also close for the day on May 29.

And let's not forget the U.S. Postal Service. Don't expect to see your letter carrier delivering your mail on Monday unless it's a package from Amazon that has a May 29 delivery date.

Although most banks and government offices are closed on Monday, most restaurants, grocery stores, big box stores (Target, Walmart, Best Buy), and mall stores will be open for business on Memorial Day.