The Lanzhou Stone

In the 1990s, Chinese archaeologists discovered a stone with a screw inside. The stone is baffling because it is 300 million years old and no humans were alive at that time to manufacture the screw.

The Lanzhou Morning News reports, "More than 10 geologists and global physicists from the National Land Resources Bureau of Gansu Province, Colored Metal Survey Bureau of Gansu Province, the Institute of Geology and Miners Research of China Academy, Lanzhou Branch, and the School of Resources and Environment of Lanzhou College gathered to study the origin of this mysterious stone."

They came to the conclusion that the "stone is one of the most valuable in China and in the world for collection, research and archaeological studies."

Or is the Lanzhou stone a type of ammonite fossil called a bactritid cephalopod that might (or might not) resemble a screw from the dawn of time?

Until the stone is made available for research no one will ever know for sure.

The London Hammer

Nestled in the dry and dusty earth of Texas, a pair of hikers stumbled across a wooden artifact sticking out of stone. This was in 1934 or 36 depending upon whom is telling the story. Attached to the wood was metal hammer which, as witnessed by the stone's age, should never have been there. No one argues that the hammer should not be there, unless you take into consideration that maybe, just maybe, the stone formed within the last century. Since the artifact was not appropriately documented at the time, no one will ever know for sure from where the hammer came.

The Enigmalith

The Enigmalith is a fascinating discovery.

It is a stone with two electrical components sticking out of it. This is an object that has no place in history and no one has even tried to argue the point.

Some have tried to say it is a hoax, but on the other hand, Williams, the electrical engineer who found the stone has refused to sell it. Williams has offered to lend it out to researchers, but has refused to sell even at the half million dollar mark.

Lest you lose your zest for the paranormal, remember that the stone is granite and very hard. Geological analysis says the stone is at least 100,000 years old which is absolutely impossible if you believe the object is artificial.

Could be a case of time travel methinks.

250 Million Year Old Microchip

I knew what it was when I saw it.

A microchip embedded inside a rock. Labinsk, Russia is home to some very weird artifacts. A metal screw was also found in Russia embedded in stone much like the Lanzhou Stone from China, only this time we're talking microchips.

The chip has been tested over and over again and the best researchers can come up with is that the piece was used as a microchip in ancient times. But there is a problem. The rock is old, like 250 million years old and maybe more.

So far, geologists and researchers have been unable to explain the artifact or why so many of these oddities are found in Russia and China.

The Battery of Babylon

If you are an artifact collector/lover you've probably heard about the Battery of Babylon.

Apparently, the Babylonians figured out how to make a battery that generates power because scientists have resurrected the battery from the ground and put it to use again. It really works. The interesting questions is, why did the Babylonians need a battery and what was it used to power?

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