"What The Health" is a recently released documentary about chronic diseases and an investigation on the nation's leading health organizations. Lush UK's Instagram account was promoting the release of the film by posting a series of health related quotes and statistics. These photos contained nothing but factual reports and statistics released by credible sources to raise awareness on the importance of maintaining good health (and how to maintain good health). Unfortunately, many perceived this as 'fatphobic' and 'fat-shaming' when it is far from that.

Given that Lush is a reputable and ethical multinational company, they released a public apology on their Instagram shortly after receiving backlash. Kudos to Lush for handling the situation so professionally when they have done absolutely no wrong.

Facts Are not Opinions

Facts are facts whether it works to your best interest or not. However, many does not seem to understand that which is probably why Lush is receiving so many negative comments on their post. To quote twitter user Liberty, "Uh @LushLtd I guess body positivity isn't your thing anymore? — Liberty (@libbyarnold94) April 27, 2017". Clearly, users who think that Lush is being 'fatphobic' either did not read the original posts or were misinformed because there were no hints of body shaming in any of the photos they posted.

With Hollywood being the biggest contributor on 'fat-shaming' people, do we really need to call out more companies who are not doing that and ignoring the obvious?

Lush's Posts

The contents in Lush's posts consists of pure statistics and facts. Even if they did not state clearly where they got these numbers from, they probably would have been more than happy to release their references if asked.

As consumers, it is incredibly irresponsible to throw blame at a company for something they did not do. Lush was not 'fatphobic', they were not shaming bodies of any kinds of shape and sizes, and they were definitely not wrong. They were simply being truthful and straightforward, it should not be apprehended in any way other than the fact that these posts contain real statistics about the reality of health and what we are going through.

Thankfully, not everyone jumped on the bandwagon of hate and attacked Lush. Some even commended Lush for being brave and posting these posts. Twitter user Zoe Newlove defended the company by saying, "body positivity & being concerned for someone being overweight/obese are two different topics - unfair to call out a brand... Zoe Newlove (@zonewlove) April 27, 2017"

There is always two sides to a story, what do you think? Did Lush deserved being called 'fatphobic' for posting these pictures?