Fans had been anticipating for the release of "The Winds Of Winter," written by George RR Martin and until now, there is nothing but mere speculation about the book. Although there had been brief updates from his blog, there aren't any concrete announcements about it yet.

There are speculations that George RR Martin has stopped writing the book. He could either be finished and the book is being proofread or he has bequeathed the writing to someone else.

Martin's activities

One theory that emerged online is that the book is already done and is currently in the proofreading phase.

This is because of the activities of the author as shown on social media.

Fans assume that the author now has a lot of time doing other things like the launching of the StageCoach Foundation, which aims to help young, skillful filmmakers in Santa. Fe, New Mexico. He also recently shared on Twitter a photo of his pet tortoise Morla and a robot named Roberto who is in his library.

Aside from that, he posted a photo of himself with a baseball cap and the words "wazzzuuupp!" written on it. It goes with a caption that says his publishers are telling him that he needs to appeal to the younger audience.

Neil Gaiman collaboration

New reports claim that Martin is very busy with different projects that he doesn't have time to finish it anymore.

With that, the name of Neil Gaiman was involved with the book even without a confirmation from him.

The "American Gods" author was reportedly spotted many times in New Mexico, which is the hometown of George RR Martin. With this, fans are speculating that Gaiman has been seeing "The Winds of Winter" author. Some are saying that he will take over writing the unfinished part of the book while others said that he is a co-author and will contribute on some parts of it.

But it is also possible that Gaiman is the editor of the highly anticipated novel.

Nothing is confirmed as of this moment and everything is mere hearsay. But whether Gaiman is involved with the book or not, fans are just hoping that it will be released really soon.

Release date

There had been many rumors about the book's release date and many are hoping that it will be out this year.

According to reports, "The Winds of Winter" could be finished by June before the premiere of "Game of Thrones" season 7 on July 16. But some are saying that George RR Martin is still waiting for GOT Season 8 to air.

It has been six years since his last book, "A Dance With Dragons" was released and fans are already itching to read the next book. But it appears that the author is struggling to write since 2016 and there will still be further delays.