It has now been confirmed that the 12-day festival, which launches Wednesday, April 19, will feature several Hollywood movies, Short Films, and documentaries. Mia Schnaible, the festival’s director of marketing and development, says that six short films are culled from over 500 entries from around the world. Dozens of fantasy movies, comedies, animated films and documentaries were submitted, but only a few got selected. Schniable says that the selection committee took over two weeks to decide which projects are most suitable. Luckily, “Given,” “Passing the Torch,” and two other short films have been finalized.


Mia Schnaible says this short film has been chosen due to its unique and impressive plot. “Given” is a simple yet powerfully contemplative story of a family comedians. Aamion and Daize Goodwin live in a small house with their kids and have no money to raise the family. Finally, the husband and wife decide to join a circus where they work hard to earn a living. “Given” is about a couple’s understanding of life through familial bonds. The project is directed by Jess Bianchi, and produced by Dalia Burde, Heron Calish-Dolen and Paige Livingston.

'Passing the Torch'

Passing the Torch” features Tim Campione, Cody Baum, Will Beerman, and Franklin Fletcher. This short film has been viewed millions of times on YouTube and earned over $3,000 in the opening week.

Schnaible claims that the film will open the festival on April 19. The script is written by Jess Bianchi, Malia Mau, and Yvonne Puig. “Passing the Torch” is the story of a man who serves as a gymnastics coach for years, but wants to become a sportsman. Unfortunately, this guy develops a brain tumor and comes across a lot of financial problems.

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'The Sounding'

Schniable has said that “The Sounding” will be screened at 6 p.m. April 20. Due to its great cast and impressive story, this short film may get more appreciation than other projects. “The Sounding” is directed by Catherine Eaton, and produced by Jessica Vale, Caitlin Gold and Bryan Delaney. The filmmakers Catherine and Jessica claim that they’ll announce a new version of “The Sounding” by the end of this year.