Research undertaken by ecologists from the Mexican National Autonomous University has revealed that the proposed border wall with Mexico will turn out to be an ecological disaster because it will have an adverse effect on the wellbeing of at least 800 species of wildlife. They will forfeit their freedom of movement and that will lead to a disturbance of the ecosystem.

The crux of the problem

Fox News reports that according to the study, the creation of a physical barrier in the form of a border wall will break up the present ecosystem which is home to animals like jaguars, black bears, and bighorn sheep.

The result will mean not only a disruption in the pattern of their migration but also to several associated problems.

Professor Gerardo Ceballos, the leader of the research team, has devoted the last six months traveling the full length of the border, from Tijuana to Texas. He has pointed out that the U.S.-Mexico border consists of mountains, jungle, coastline, and wildlife have always enjoyed full freedom to hunt, reproduce and migrate.

He goes on to add that nearly 800 species of wildlife would face the heat and 140 of them are already in danger of extinction – these are the bald eagle, grey wolf, armadillo, and jaguar. The range of their movement will reduce drastically and this will, in turn, affect their reproduction patterns.

Suggestions on how to avoid the eco-disaster

Professor Gerardo Ceballos feels that if the purpose of the wall is to prevent entry of illegal immigrants from Mexico into the U.S., it could be achieved by other more effective and less harmful methods. One option could be to resort to aerial surveillance or augment the presence of Border Patrol.

These would be better options because these would not destroy the ecosystem.

AnimaNaturalis is the leading animal rights organization of Mexico and its founder Leonora Esquivel, has indicated that her organization will take up cudgels on this issue in case the construction of the border wall gets the approval of the U.S. Congress.

Her organization had recently taken up the cause of animals performing in circuses and succeeded in banning the practice.

In her opinion, the border region is an area of natural beauty and diversity. Playing around with the ecosystems and introducing a physical barrier is detrimental to the wellbeing of wildlife.

Ecology plays an important part in our lives and environmentalists cry themselves hoarse whenever they feel there is an imminent threat. In view of the revelations of the study, it would be worthwhile for the authorities to reexamine the Mexican border wall issue and ensure that the ecological balance is not disturbed.