Who knew that sweatpants would one day get such grand attention? A decade ago, sweatpants were casual pants worn for comfort. Yes, people did use it for athletic purposes too. Little did we know back then that they would give the fashion industry a twirl! Gradually, they starred in multiple fashion shows and even created a style -- "Athleisure" -- for themselves. Thanks to the Hadid sisters and the Kardashians, they've made this style extra popular and craze-worthy.

A major fashion faux pas challenged

While mixing gold, silver, and bronze jewelry may be an extreme in fashion faux pas sense, there is a lighter part too.

Grey-on-grey definitely falls in that category. It at least fell into that group until Gigi Hadid turned up with a monochrome outfit in New York City.

The bejeweled sweatpants

Gigi Hadid's latest outfit costs a fortune. While others would think twice to sweat in a $4100 suit, Hadid appeared not to mind, and showed herself to be quite confident with her choice of sweatpants. The grey sweatpants are made with the finest cashmere and one cannot but be in awe since it is one of the best pieces from Sally Lepointe's Pre-Fall Collection 2017.

Fashion and this suit

While people would not believe that Hadid wore it to a less classy event than a glamorous party, fans did think that the outfit could be a hit outside its usual sighting like during date nights or even prom!

So, what is so special about these sweatpants? Its two things: the jewel-crusted decorations at specific parts of the outfit and the unavoidable slits in the sides of the sweatpants. The gems were patterned to imitate the falling leaves complementing the pre-fall notion. It is no coincidence that the designs are placed at the places that need definition -- collars and at the end of the pants.

This makes the outfit look complete. The second part dealing with the slits is more about the latest trends than a classic style. It is a clever move on the brand's part to make slit openings for athletic purposes and to stay on the racks named "Current Trends.” Other than these eye-catching details, the other small ones like oversized sleeves added to the look.

The silver pumps did sum up the statement.

Reactions from the viewers

Embellished sweatpants do seem to have the power to fill the internet with comments and tailored reactions. According to Hollywood Life, 79% of the people who voted would never buy these sweatpants regardless of its classy look. On the contrary, 21% of the total people who voted actually found the outfit cute and they claimed that the outfit is worth the price!