Ivanka Trump is a public figure who now works in the White House. She was recently appointed to work alongside her father as his assistant. She is the oldest daughter of President Donald Trump. An article was recently posted on Refinery 29 titled "The Bizarre Thing You've Never Noticed About Ivanka Trump." Even though the word "bizarre" was used in the article, Rachel Krause complimented Ivanka on many things, including her hair, makeup, dress and her overall appearance. Then Krause tells her readers the "bizarre thing" about the 35-year-old first daughter.


Trump's appearance is always elegant. Her hair is never out of place. Krause said that even the part in her hair is straight down the middle, and it is never a centimeter off from where it should be. Her outfits were described as always being appropriate in colors most people probably wouldn't be a fan of wearing. Those who have seen Jared Kushner's wife on television have noticed that she looks good in any color, whether it is eggshell, ecru, beige, taupe or darker shades.

The 'bizarre thing'

Krause tells her readers what the "bizarre thing" is. She says it's Ivanka's eyes. They change colors depending on where she is or who she is talking to. For instance, when she is talking to political leaders, her eyes are not the same color as when she is making a speech or being interviewed on a television show.

She changes her eye color from her natural brown ones to become a deep hazel or bright green.

Like the rapper Kanye West, Trump wears colored contact lenses. However, hers are not as obvious as Kanye's contacts.

Ivanka's eye color

When Ivanka had a round-table discussion last February with Canada's prime minister she was seen with her natural eye color.

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When she was recently interviewed by Gayle King on "CBS This Morning," her eyes were definitely a bright green. This means that the mother of three changes her eye color to go along with the setting she is in. The surprising thing is that not many people have noticed this practice.

Speaking of eyes

Several celebrities are known to have problems with their eyes.

Mama June Shannon, who just lost over 300 pounds, is legally blind and cannot get a driver's license. According to her online profile, Mel B, a judge on "America's Got Talent," has reportedly been blind in one eye for over 18 years because of laser surgery that went wrong. Actress Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher's wife, admitted that she has been blind in one eye for many years because of chronic iritis.