A Survey Monkey online poll was conducted from March 31 to April 5, to get an idea about what Americans thought about Ivanka Trump. There were some interesting results based on the 5,493 men and women who completed the survey. The results were released on Monday, April 10, 2017.

What poll shows

Ivanka Trump is the 35-year-old daughter of President Donald Trump. The first daughter is popular among women around her own age but not so much among younger women. Younger women don't relate to her and don't think of her as a good role model.

The poll shows that women 34 years old and over speak more highly of her.

Perhaps it is because they can relate to her age-wise. The survey shows that 40 percent of women younger than Ivanka don't find her that favorable. Those women are between the ages 18 and 34.

In Ivanka's own age range, 48 percent of women between 34 and 64 found her favorable. It is surprising that women 65 and over give Jared Kushner's wife the highest rating of all. She received 53 percent approval rating from those women.

Men or women?

The poll indicates that Ivanka Trump is popular by more men than women. Forty-four percent of all men surveyed approve of her and what she stands for. With all ages combined, only 35 percent of all women approve of her. It is interesting that Ivanka's favorable rating among both men and women is the same rating for First Lady Melania Trump.

The first lady's rating is rising since she had begun to make more public appearances. Her approval rating is anticipated to go up even higher when she eventually moves into the White House. She and 11-year-old Barron are expected to move to Washington, D.C. from New York's Trump Tower after school closes in June.

President Trump's rating

President Donald Trump has the lowest rating of any of his predecessors at this stage of his administration. Polls show different ratings almost on a weekly basis. His ratings recently went up from 35 percent approval rating to 42 percent. It changes from time to time, but it is usually in that range.

President Trump has never had a real high rating since he has been in the White House. According to recent reports, his approval rating is likely to go up after last Friday’s strikes against Syria. The public will be watching the polls closely to see if that happens.

Not only will the public be watching the president's rating, it will also be watching to see what Melania and Ivanka's approval ratings will be.