Zara is one of the many high street brands which has in recent years become a solid favorite among both college students and thirty-somethings. Its success can certainly be attributed to the affordable versions of designer clothing fashion bloggers everywhere have gone crazy about.

But is there an age limit for shopping at Zara and other Fast Fashion favorites? According to research carried out by consumer experts, there definitely is and it might take you by surprise.

Zara’s popularity

Zara, a brand which originates from Spain, counts more than 2,000 branches across the world.

The store is very quick at picking up the latest fashion trends and ships new clothing items into its stores twice a week. Some of its clothing items (like the blue and white printed coat) have already reached cult status among shoppers, both young and old.

Insight Rooms, a consumer analysis agency, carried out research in order to discover the way in which #women socially engage with the brand. Data has shown that women’s engagement with the brand peaks between the ages of 23 and 27 - in other words, women are most likely to be found shopping at Zara at that age. Afterward, women move to other brands which offer more conservative styles.

Ahead of its competitors

However, Zara is ahead of its competitors when it comes to the age of its customers, even though by the age of 33 the percentage of female customers falls below 1%.

This is largely due to the fact that Zara offers a wide range of more conservative, classic and traditional styles as opposed to other high street brands such as #H&M or #Topshop, which makes it more accessible to older shoppers looking for a more classic wardrobe. Nevertheless, women are more likely to start shopping at brands they have not previously considered in their early thirties.

Of course, where you shop at any age is a personal decision but this data provides an interesting insight into the shopping patterns of women and how attitudes to #fashion and #style change over age.