Mardi Gras may be long over in New Orleans, but the party continues through March 25 at Universal Studios Florida. Even if you didn’t make it down to Bourbon Street, the theme park celebration includes all the most popular elements, like music, a parade with authentic floats, Cajun cookin’, and a constant rain of beads. The festivities are all part of regular admission, so it doesn’t cost any extra to get in on the fun.

Nightly Mardi Gras parade continues

The Mardi Gras parade runs every night at Universal Studios Florida, starting at 7:45 p.m. The floats are made in conjunction with Kern Studios, the company that’s had a hand in designing floats in New Orleans for the past six decades.

There’s plenty of room along the parade route to grab a good viewing spot, and kids have the own niche in the Little Jesters Viewing Area in front of the Brown Derby Hat Shop. The kids’ area opens an hour before parade time, and other spots are available as early as you want to stake them out. Check out this year’s version of the parade at Universal Orlando Resort in the video below:

Bringing the fun to life

It takes a lot of work for the creative minds at Universal Studios Florida to put the parade on for Mardi Gras each year. They bring back old favorite floats while adding something new to give it a new spin. If you’d like to hear more about how it’s done, learn more in the video below:

Cajun food and music round out Universal Studios Florida event

If you need a nosh before (or after) the parade, there’s plenty of delicious Cajun cuisine to give you a taste of the Big Easy right in Orlando. Plan to eat dinner at the park so you can enjoy some authentic tastes to help you get in the Mardi Gras spirit.

Bands have appeared throughout the festivities, and Earth Wind & Fire will close out this year’s Mardi Gras event at Universal Studios Florida on Saturday, March 25, at 8:30 p.m. The outdoor concerts are first come, first served, with plenty of standing room near the Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster.

If you visit Universal Studios Florida for Mardi Gras, be sure to take a peek at the new Race Through New York With Jimmy Fallon ride that’s officially opening on April 6.

You might just luck into a soft opening and get to try out this new 4D experience with a waiting area that’s almost as much fun as the ride itself.

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