Krispy Kreme is bringing back its green glazed doughnuts to the stores for just one day, the day when almost everything that has no business going green are going green nevertheless. According to a release from the bakery, their green ones will taste exactly like the original ones, in spite of the major change in color. In addition to that, the name of its original recipe includes an exciting apostrophe, O'riginal Glazed, to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Green Krispy Kreme doughnuts

The green doughnuts were on display on Krispy Kreme's website with a "Coming Soon" stamp.

One piece contains 190 calories, with 90 calories coming from fat, but 0% trans fat. Although they have annually served up these green doughnuts each Irish celebration, this year's name change adds something entirely new. According to the company's chief marketing officer Jackie Woodward, St. Patrick's Day is the perfect occasion to modify the color of the original glazed.

“Our customers love sharing them with family and friends. What’s even rarer—like finding a four-leaf clover—is altering the name of such iconic product.

We’ve never done it. But in this instance, it’s fun and joyful, just like the holiday,” Woodward said. For the occasion, Krispy Kreme is also introducing the #GreenDoughnuts hashtags for consumers to share how they’re going green this year. These tasty hot donuts are available from participating outlets from the 12,000 grocery and convenience stores where Krispy Kreme can be found.

Everybody going green

It is customary that businesses come up with something special to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland. Businesses celebrate by offering something in green and incorporating the famous icons associated with the Irish culture. We get to see shamrocks, a pot of gold, Leprechauns, four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, and people drinking beer in costumes and green hats. Last year Krispy Kreme introduced a line of St.

Patrick’s Day doughnuts that included the Shamrock. The company went through a major acquisition by JAC Beach which completed in July last year and then continued to purchase the brand’s UK business after a cancellation of its British public offering.

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