Race Through New York With Jimmy Fallon,” the new ride at Universal Studios Florida that officially opens on April 6, 2017, is already wowing guests during its soft openings. However, it’s not just the ride itself that’s getting high marks. Waiting in lines, especially for new, popular attractions, is typically a painful experience, but the queue for this new ride transforms the boredom into something on par with the main attraction itself.

Enjoy the wait for new Universal ride

Race Through New York With Jimmy Fallon” uses a virtual queue that lets you hang out in the park while waiting for your ride time.

It’s the first attraction at Universal Studios Florida to use this innovative system. When your time arrives, you’ll hang out in Studio 6B while you wait to experience the “flying theater” with Jimmy. Explore props from the Tonight Show until you’re called by the color on your ticket. Then head up to the lounge to be immersed in the first stage of fun. You can watch a live Ragtime Gals performance, and if you love Hashtag the Panda, be prepared to get a live photo with him. Take Jimmy’s place at an interactive desk that lets you send his famous Thank You Notes out to your choice of recipients. You can also play an old-school video game and enjoy show clips before embarking on the ride. The time will literally zip by as you wait to ride.

If you’re getting low on power, you can even charge your phone via USB ports in the couches.

Challenge Jimmy Fallon to a race

The ride itself is a 4D experience that takes up to 72 guests at a time on a wild race through New York City and beyond. Riders will see icons like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building, and even the moon isn’t out of reach!

Watch for “Ew” before the safety video and enjoy the rules as The Roots rap them, then don your 3D glasses and race Jimmy Fallon in his Tonight Rider through the Big Apple. For footage of the queue and a sneak peek at the ride, check out the video below:

Learn more about the ride

While somewhat similar to the Simpsons and Minions rides, “Race Through New York With Jimmy Fallon” is smoother and suitable for all ages.

Learn more about this newest ride at Universal Studios Florida from Creative Director Jason Surrell in the video below:

If you visit Universal Studios Florida before the grand opening date, you may get lucky and score a ride during the soft opening. To guarantee that you'll get to experience it, visit on or after April 6.