“Fashion is like art. It tells a story,” said Walter Njboke, the creator of a new line of Italian suits for LGBT males. Walter’s story started when he was a young boy in Nigeria. Fashion had always been a passion of his, which lasted throughout college. He spent some time in Italy, which inspired him even more to keep going with fashion. He started making clothes for himself and friends and never stopped. Walter’s suits for LGBT men are different and unique. He veered away from only traditional colors that block one’s natural essence.

What fashion states about a person

Njboke feels that one “comes alive when you get to put on a suit that’s very colorful.”In the next two years, Njboke hopes to expand his colorful suit line into 10 countries, such as Germany, Australia, Canada, and more American states. Njboke offers pink, navy blue, and red and orange liners. Guys who want a more casual look can opt for sandals and sneakers to accompany the suits. Orange double- breasted and midnight blue suits are available to spice things up. LGBT men can also dress down for a casual evening by donning colored socks in purple, pink, and rainbow colors.

The price is right

The modern suits that Walter sells would normally run about $2,000 somewhere else.

However, his suits of the same style run about $700. That’s quite a savings for fabric that is “10 times better.” As far as expanding his retail operations, his goal is to build a retail store in every major city. Right now, the West Coast in America is doing well for business. He is also receiving a flood of calls about getting his suits on the East Coast.

Connecting with LGBT community

When I asked Walter how he feels his suits will attract the gay community, he cited the suits’ affordability and uniqueness, which LGBT males appreciate. “I think the gay community is very loyal,” said Walter. The designer has been contacted by a few retail managers. By Walter establishing solid partnerships with them, these managers can talk to LGBT men and more stores can get on board with carrying the suits.

LGBT discrimination

LGBT discrimination sometimes occurs and conservative businesses may reject opportunities associated with gay people. Walter shared his experience with reaching out to businesses. Fortunately, he has not experienced any discrimination and added that “discrimination is based on people’s perspectives and how they were brought up.”Older, straight males have also embraced his suits. Walter shared a funny story about a man in his sixties. When Walter asked if he would wear the suits, the man said, “Yes, but I don’t know if my wife will let me.”

An individual experience

For Walter Njboke, “Fashion is an experience of each individual. Have people put on suit and accept them for who they are.” Many LGBT men are sure to find the suits fashionable and comfortable. Interested buyers can currently purchase a fine Italian suit on the Winston and Lee website.