SeaWorld Orlando debuted its Seven Seas Festival on February 11, and the event is in full swing with delicious food, beer, wine and music. It runs every Saturday through May 13, bringing a literal world of flavors to the park.

Food at SeaWorld from around the world

The food kiosks at the SeaWorld Orlando Seven Seas Festival run the gamut from Europe to Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Polynesia. Some of the dishes have a spicy flair, while others are mild enough for anyone’s taste buds. The kiosks are scattered all around the park so you can indulge in your culinary adventure while exploring the shows and activities.

The food at the SeaWorld Orlando Seven Seas Festival comes in sampler portions that allow you to graze and try whatever catches your eye.

While you can purchase items ala carte, the best option is to buy one of the sampler packs. They allow you to try either 10 or 15 items, depending on the one you choose, and they include both food and drink. Annual passholders get a discount on this deal.

Chef Hector Colon talks food

The number of dishes being served up at the Seven Seas Festival tops 60, spread out in 11 world markets, and you’ll find more than 50 craft brews and specialty cocktails as you stroll around SeaWorld. Chef Hector Colon is the man behind the feast. If you’d like to hear some event details directly from him, check out the video below.

Concerts add to festival activities

The concerts are another big part of the Seven Seas Festival.

Bands like Styx, ZZ Top, the Village People and the Commodores will take the stage every Saturday, with first-come, first-served seating in Bayside Stadium and lawn viewing around the water. If you have a favorite band and want to ensure your spot, SeaWorld sell reserved seating packages.

The park tends to be busy on Saturdays, so plan to spend a full day at SeaWorld Orlando.

With all the rides and shows, you’ll want to grab a guide as soon as you arrive and plot out your day to hit as many attractions as possible. The best plan of attack is to fit the rides around your preferred showtimes. You’ll see the Seven Seas Festival kiosks as you make your way around the park, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to sip and nosh.

If you plan to see a concert, get the reserved seating so you don’t have to worry about getting to the stadium early and wasting your time holding your spot.

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