When a leader retires, he feels the urge to share his experiences with the world at large and, one way of doing this is to write. That is what the Obamas have done. They have concluded a contract with Penguin Random House who will publish their future literary works. There were a number of publishers in the fray to bag the contract and Penguin outwitted them. The sum for the world rights has not been disclosed but it is believed to be an eight figure amount.

Both the Obamas love to write

It is a fact the ex-President Barack Obama has a knack for writing.

He has to his credit several bestsellers and, three of his books have sold in millions. These books have proved that he is a gifted writer and have made him richer by more than $10 million.

His wife Michelle, is equally talented. She has to her credit a book titled ‘American Green’ which is about the garden in the White House.

These books were published by an associate of Penguin Random House and, therefore, they had an edge in the bidding which began at the $18 million to $20 million range. People are keen to know whether the books are his memoirs but, the nature and subject matter have been kept a closely guarded secret

The publisher has agreed to donate one million books in the name of the Obama family to the cause of disadvantaged children.

In addition, the Obamas would donate a portion of their advances to charity which would include the Obama Foundation.

Obama’s books have a precedence

Barack Obama is not the first president who has taken up the pen after leaving the White House. Books that are written by such important leaders invariably attract attention because they relate to man’s inherent curiosity.

Former president Bill Clinton had sold his memoir for a sum believed to be in excess of $10 million. Hillary Clinton, his wife, had reportedly received an advance of $8 million for her memoir. George W. Bush’s memoir was a hit – it sold about two million copies and he made approximately $10 million from the deal.

In this context, it can be said that Barack Obama’s books will be in a genre of its own, like the man himself, and leave their imprints on the sands of time.