Burlock Coast restaurant and Venice magazine unveiled their new weekly late night party, "Repeal Party" which takes its name from those that happened after the repeal of the Prohibition Act of 1933 (Volstead Act). Ft. Lauderdale and Miami during that Prohibition era were, as an article written by the Miami New Times was equally as wild as the Cocaine Cowboys era in the 1980's in terms of its criminality, illegal activities and personalities. The "Repeal Party" has the bartenders' wearing fedoras from the period, a bootlegger's ladder leading from the shore to the boat and a wanted poster on one of the columns where friends could put on their "meanest mugs" for their favorite social media application.

Good service + Good liquor = Good times

The bartending crew at the Burlock Coast performed according to the bootlegging traditions, translating the base liquors to delicious cocktails. Beverage manager James Camp was the main leader of the bunch in developing the two headline cocktails of the night: The Presidente--had a rum base with a sweet mango tinge. The Daiquiri--not in the traditional sense, had more of a citrus, lime taste which the rum rides in on your tongue. As the crowd filled up the floor space, DJ Carsonicboom was spinning classics mixed with modern hits and every song peaked people's interest. Looking outward to the Atlantic Ocean and walking to the outdoor terrace, the setting seems tailor-made to grow a party atmosphere, walking all throughout the bar there were crowds of people, packed in close quarters and talking or "doing laps" around the floor, talking with anyone they met, taking pictures.

Repeal Party Thursdays have a good vibe

Anyone within the area should pull off to Ft. Lauderdale Beach Boulevard to enjoy the Repeal party. Just coming down Seabreeze Blvd and leaving the I-95 and U.S. 1 thoroughfares behind, it feels as if one is on vacation on a tropical island. The vibe of the people who attended the party were solid--come to drink and enjoy, no problems, no complaints, and the excellent, hardworking Ritz-Carlton staff would accept nothing less. The Repeal Party will happen every Thursday starting at 10 p.m. Till late.