Valdemira Rodrigues de Oliveir of Brazil is Engaged for the first time in her life at the age of 106. She is 40 years older than the man she is engaged to. However, they are both very happy. The cougar goes by the name Valda. With the aid of a walker, she greeted her guests at an emotional engagement party given in the couple's honor last Saturday.

The engagement

Valda's 66-year-old boyfriend, Aparecido Dias Jacob, met her at the Nossa Senhora Fatima retirement home located in southeast Brazil. They both live in their own rooms.

The man, nicknamed Jaco, said he fell in love with Valda the moment he saw her, and she says the same thing about him.

Jaco's left arm is paralyzed, but that didn't keep Valda from falling in love with him. She has a problem walking without the aid of her walker, but that didn't keep him from falling in love with her. Neither one of them let their imperfections stand in the way of them loving each other. Jaco said it doesn't matter to him that Valda is 40 years older because she makes him really happy.

Jaco became unemployed that led to him being homeless before he moved to the retirement facility 19 years ago.

No future marriage

Valda and Jaco were approached separately and were asked by Project of Dreams what they wanted for the future. Both of them told the local volunteer group that they wanted to get married to fulfill their dreams.

Doctors advised the couple not to get married because they wouldn't be able to live together in the retirement home, and they are not able to handle living together outside of the facility.

Instead of a wedding, volunteers stepped in and arranged for the elaborate engagement ceremony at the retirement home.

Valda was dressed in a wedding gown and wore a veil. He walked down the aisle accompanied by a volunteer bridesmaid and pageboy. The couple cut a four-tier cake and celebrated their big day as a testament of their love for each other.

Neither of them have ever been married, and they have no children.

Most of Valda's relatives have died, and she has very few left. Jaco has lost touch with his family, but there were 150 guests to help them celebrate.

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