What's the key to Happiness? Why is a state of happiness so elusive? Is happiness a natural thing? Author, Talk Show Host, and Certified Life Coach Dan Amzallag, Ph.D, MBA, has written a Book, "100 Days or Less to Reaching Your Ultimate Happiness - Secrets of the Universe Revealed", which takes readers on a 100-day journey through a process that, if followed, can lead them to an increased state of self-improvement as they tackle goals and resolutions they have set.

Divided into 100 chapters that each address a lesson or concept, "100 Days or Less to Reaching Your Ultimate Happiness" is full of wisdom; it's a book full of proverbs for the modern age.

The keys to happiness

Many personal-development books offer advice that is half-true; it has been said in the past that half-truths are whole lies. Other books make whimsical promises of "magic" and "secrets." This is not the case with this book. Amzallag stresses the importance of taking responsibility for the outcomes one desires.

A big key to happiness, writes Amzallag, is awareness. The problem many people have, Amzallag writes, is that they don't truly understand their purpose. "The key is awareness...You can decide your happiness; you can decide how happy you want to be, regardless of what is going on around you."

Another key, Amzallag stresses, is hard work. Finding happiness comes down to undertaking the hard work of learning who you are as a person.

Amzallag stresses that there are no secrets, magic recipes, or miracles to be found on the road to happiness.

Happiness day by day

Amzallag writes that the first 90 chapters in his book may take up to a month each to master. Such chapters include "Day 1. Reach within Yourself"; "Day 18. Let Bygones Be Bygones"; "Day 61. What are You Worth?" and "Day 84.

Learn to be Happy with What You Have," among many others.

But the last 10 chapters of his book, which he set off in a section called "Mastering Your Masters Degree," are more challenging than the previous 90 chapters, and will help readers master the "science of happiness." Nine of the last 10 chapters offer brilliant affirmations that readers can put to great use.

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