Are you struggling to lose weight? Here's some good news that may help weight loss. Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences found that a "miracle diet pill" that could end obesity. The active ingredient is a bioflavonoid (plant extract) called rutin which stimulates production of healthy brown fat. This brown adipose tissue (BAT) counteracts build up of the less-healthy white adipose tissue. Rutin, an antioxidant metabolism booster, helps digestion and prevents stored fat. Hungry for more on this miracle cure? Read on.

Rutin ends obesity?

A lot of folks say they don't like taking diet pills,something thatrutin is not. It's a nutritional supplement and is found in the antioxidants and vitamins section (not with the medications or by prescription as weight lossdrugs would be). But if you're not into taking even supplements in pill form, you can eat your rutin in plant sources. You'll have to eat a lot to get the amount in concentrated capsules however.

Eat away at obesity

The Chinese scientists explored rutin in mulberry extract but mulberries aren't the best source because they're pretty blah. Another good source is tartary buckwheat seeds which have more rutin than regular buckwheat. There are some other exotic plants with rutin but for easily accessible grocery store sources eat cranberries, apples, cling peaches (not freestone), oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes and green tea.

It's found in St. John's Wort, elder flower, eucalyptus and ginkgo biloba. To lose belly fat and halt stored fat,make a smoothie of apples, green tea, cranberries, peaches and grapefruit with yogurt for protein.

A rutin a day keeps obesity and more away

Rutin has long been used as an anti-inflammatoryto strengthen blood vessels and to improve circulation.

The antioxidant helps hemorrhoids, varicose veins and internal bleeding. It's used withtrypsin and bromelain to treat osteoarthritis and some cancer forms. Rutin is being explored in obesityand diabetes treatment. It activates brown adipose fat and prevents the body from converting sugars to stored fat. The bioflavonoid goes by many fancy names:Rutoside, Phytomelin, Sophorin, Birutan, Eldrin, Birutan Forte, Rutin trihydrate, Globularicitrin, Violaquercitrin, Quercetin rutinoside. But ask for it at health retailers as rutin.