Britain's diabetes and obesityepidemics threaten to end the National Health Service causing doctors to have to send patients away. 10 percent of NHS funds are spent caring for lifestyle related Type 2 diabetics. Morbid obesity and a national sugar addiction could drive diabetes numbers so high that they would account for 17 percent of the total NHS budget. So what will happen to patients who suffer from non-diabetes or weight-related conditions? Will they be forced to take a back seat in the rising epidemic? Will there be funds to treat the expected new diabetes cases?

That's what physicians fear.

Obesity cripples NHS

You can fault national health if you like (most all Brits love it, by the way). But you can't blame NHS for failure to meet health needs in the face of an epidemic. Actually that should probably be pandemic (plural) as obesity and diabetes are taking over the world. Even nations that traditionally didn't have weight problems are seeing a jump in incidence. When 1 in 10 (probably a lot more) are down to one preventable lifestyle disease of choice, how can any healthcare system cope? Britain spends over 10,000,000,000 pounds a year on Type 2 diabetes. That's $13 billion dollars for yanks doing the math.

NHS sign flashed out its warning

Did the NHS failto warn people?

No way--all major health organizations:CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), USDA, FDA, WHO (World Health Organization), Affordable Care Act have all been screaming the big, fat truth about obesity for years. But folks didn't listen. The words of the doctors are written on every billboard, newsletter, TV, radio, Internet ad, everywhere--obesity is a killer.

It's silent but deadly, creeping up like a thief in the night and mowing down young people far too young to die. Several years ago, obesity toppled smoking as the number one killer. Why? Because it controls a legion of killers--hypertension, heart disease, liver failure, pancreatic cancer, arterial problems, cholesterol, sleep apnea and the most expensive one in Great Britain--Type 2 diabetes.

The cure is simple

There's no need to raise money or run marathons or host obesity awareness events. The answer is much simpler--it's called weight loss.Don't wait till you have fullblown diabetes--mind your sugar numbers. If you get prediabetes (metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance) get busy and get them down. You can do it. Youcan beat this sugar addictionwith mind over fork. Quit eating so much fried and fast food and drinking so much pop and alcohol. Forget about the "nanny state" it's going to be the dead zone if people don't start losing weight and controlling diets.

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