The story of James on "My 600-lb Life" is an epic adventure full of love, conquest and feats of daring-do. James of Frankston, Texas, began the TLC show at 728 pounds with a knight's errand, to find his lady love.Here's how this brave man effected a near quarter ton weight loss, reversed generations of family obesity and found true love.

James and the dragon

Some heroes battle fire-breathing dragons--James' dragon was no less body-consuming and life-threatening. Only unlike an external enemy, James' foe lived within. And it's name was obesity. This silent killer is more powerful than the legendary beast because it commands an army of associated diseases--Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, leg and back problems, circulation, heart failure and diseases, high cholesterol, andsleep apnea to name a few.

Family history made the bed

Mom says family history was part ofJames' story. Obesitykilled his father and sister and James was headed toward the same bed-ridden state. His genealogy included a bloodline of fat DNA. James lost a sister and father to obesity, so he made a vow to his lost loved ones to get healthy and reverse this specter of early death from obesity. Part of that fight included saying no to too-giving caregivers.

How obesity cripples relationships

James spent his adult life crippled by morbid obesity. He was completely immobile and dependent on mom. But James wanted to have relationships, not caregivers (as his fellow "My 600-lb Life" alumni Tara so aptly put it). James looked for someone to love him as was and could be.

Mobility issues obviously made interaction hard. And obesity scares people off. It's not just fat-shaming--anyone in a relationship with a grossly overweight person must play caregiver. She'd have to be prepared to lose James as he lost his family. Most people aren't up for that type of commitment.

Winter of discontent, Summer of love

James did his homework and lost the requisite weight to have agastric bypass. After weight loss surgery, he kept working his program. From the winter of his discontent, James found a Summer to love. James and Summer work together to care for each other--it's not just her looking after him. As the Al-Anon saying goes, he is "participating in his own recovery." James has slayed that 438-pound dragon and has gotten himself to a healthier 290 pounds.