Look out Splenda, there's a new sugar substitute in town and her name is Sugar 2.0.This natural sweetener is good for you plus burns fat and aids weight loss! Yes you read that correctly, a fat-burning sugar instead of a fat-making one! No don't worry, this isn't your granny's saccharine, NutraSweet, aspartame or any of those fake chemical sweeteners. Sugar 2.0 tastes like real sugar--not that fake, metallic sweet flavor of stevia or Splenda! Dieters and diabetics, rejoice! This miracle sweetener could even end childhood obesity

The skinny on sugar

If you're trying to lose weight, you know public enemy numero uno is refined sugar.

Cane, beet, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, dextrose, they are none of them of any food value. They all raise insulin and convert in the body as stored fat. Too much blood sugar can cause Type 2 diabetes. Sugar-laden carbohydrates constitute the infamous "junk carbs"(not bread or starch that is so often deemed the culprit). Bread with sweeteners and without whole grains or fiber is empty carbs too. But you can't get rid of sugar completely or you could just go crazy with deprivation and cravings.

Why sweets are so hard to quit

Salty, fatty, and sweet foods are the mainstay of many folks' diets, especially children. Sugar lurks in unsuspected places. Sweets cravings birth adult and childhood obesity.So anyone who plans to take out obesity has to take out sugar first.

But taking that out means replacing it with another sweetener becauserefined sugar is so addictive most people can't quit cold turkey. The American diet which offers empty carbs galore, has given people such a taste for sweet and saltythat if it was removed from diets it would drive some mad. There's even a fake sweet-salty additive to amplify cravings further--monosodium glutamate (MSG) and it's in everything.

Sugar 2.0 is sweetener done right

Those sweetscravings are like no other. They control people and obsess them like an alcohol addiction. So many celebrities who lost weight have had to conquer cravings. Like an alcoholic, sugar-aholics will do anything to satisfy their sweet tooth which usually involves sneaking sweets and binges which of course botches weight loss.

So any sweetener must satisfy those cravings and Sugar 2.0 does. First lady Michelle Obama is going to love this! Sugar 2.0 is made from pure cane syrup but the cool thing is it's half the calories and half soluble fiber. So it burns calories and fat as you eat it. You can get this sugar substitute at Gelson's store soon. Sweet!