Sabrina Wright's first Book "You Deserve to Win" came from life strategies that she practiced while struggling to get back on her feet. According to Blog Her, after getting married, she relocated to California where she obtained her Bachelor's degree in Biology. However, the marriage ended in separation, leaving Wright with no choice but to move back to Atlanta and leave her daughter with her parents in Alabama. Even more troubling, she moved back to Atlanta broke.

The move back to Atlanta

Initially, Wright was subjected to sleeping many nights on a friend's couch while she pulled her life together, with her main goal of having a stable home for her daughter.

Eventually, things began to take a marvelous turn when Wright became involved with Total Life Changes which subsequently led to her earning $30,000 in just 90 days. Not only did she earn a large amount of cash, she properly managed that money to get her own place, buy a vehicle, and get her daughter back. That is when she published her book "You Deserve to Win" which gives readers daily affirmations of inspiration and motivation.

The turning point

Through Wright's experiences, she has been dedicated to helping others achieve greatness. Not only has she been instrumental in encouraging and inspiring many readers with her "You Deserve to Win" book, but she is continuing on her journey with her second book "The Power to Publish." With "The Power to Publish", Wright's goal is to motivate upcoming and aspiring authors to publish their own books without having to shell out wads of cash to do so.

She is able to show authors that if they have the will, there is a way and the door does not shut due to limited funds.

As a serial entrepreneur, Wright has a passion for being a business owner. She says her favorite part of having her own business is that it gives her a sense of power and freedom to work on her own time, schedule, and dictatorship.

Also, like with many others, it's being able to be her own boss. Outside of the business world, Wright is actively involved in the community through her church as well as independently. Her purpose is to help the less fortunate and provide leadership and guidance to the youth of today with the purpose of a better future tomorrow.