NY-based Sports-tech company Wooter App was the first league management platform to be ever made. The app was built by the alumni of Staten Island Technical High School, including Alex Aleksandrovski, Alex Kagan, Dima Korenblyum, and David Kleyman. The largest online sports resource in New York was created when the four techies wished to join a soccer team together. When the corresponding search for a local soccer league yielded terrible results and dead links on Google, Wooter was born. Blog posts from the main website for the company were used as source material for this article.

How it started

The co-founder of Wooter Apparel, Alex Aleksandrovski, came up with the brainchild to “aggregate the best sports and activities in one place with clear information and pricing to help people enjoy the leagues and activities they’re searching for.” Through the platform, users can find a sports league in their area. Alex began his journey as a player of an online video game Runescape at the age of thirteen. The CEO of the apparel firm is the son of a businessman who immigrated to America in 1992 from Russia. Alex, who has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Zicklin School of Business, specializes in Finance and Investment. A New York native, Alex along with his co-founders carried comprehensive research before starting the apparel firm.

They interviewed vendors and merchants to find the gaps that exist in recreational sports and the best way to streamline the process of joining a league. Today, the app is used by almost 10,000 sports organization in over hundred countries.

The investment

The bootstrapped and Angel invested company expanded into the market for custom uniforms and sportswear which led to a collaboration with Master P.

A former basketball player and hip-hop icon, Percy Miller created the Global Mixed Gender Basketball League. The league features former NBA & WNBA players like Lisa Leslie, Carlos Boozer, Cappie Pondexter and Caron Butler. The logo, brand, and jerseys of the co-ed league were created by Wooter Apparel. In an interview, Alex stated, that the Wooter is interested in collaborating with Carmelo Anthony’s VC fund, Melo 7 Tech.

The fund helps startups during the seed stage to better develop their brand and products. The chances of the two companies joining forces are high as the focus of both is sports tech.


The sportswear merchandiser has been the fastest growing player in the industry. It was awarded the "Top 10 Recreation Companies To Watch" by Entrepreneur in its Brilliant 100 list in 2016. In 2017, the sports clothing business was recognized as one of the Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America by the same magazine.