Tricycles, rocking horses and red wagons have been popular playthingsfor generations and a large part of the appeal of these objects is their functionality as ride-on devices intended to suit small children. Motorized ride-on toysthat are large enough to transport children have been a growing trend since the 1980s. Originally powered by pedals, these miniature vehicles are now largely operated by battery powered electric motors. Models range in styles from John Deer Tractors to Cadillac Escalades but there is presently an increasing demand for more imaginative offerings like the Marvel comic-inspired Spiderman6V Super Car. This car is produced byDynacraft, acompany that has created innovative ridable playthings for over thirty years; many of which contain licensed properties including Hello Kitty, Shopkins, Barbie and more.

One of the company’s most notable new offerings for boys in the 2-5 age range is theSpiderman6V Super Car.


The Spiderman6V Super Car isa 6-volt battery-operated ride-on for children weighing 65 pounds or less. Painted bright red with blue trims and spider-web decals, the car includes anopen cockpit design, an easy-to-fill water shooter, detailed wheel rims, flashing blue LED lights on the hood and doors that open sideways in a butterfly-like effect. The car is intended for one child and the steering wheel features two buttons; one produces a standard honk whilst the other emits Spiderman sound effects and catch phrases. The seat is bolted into the car securely and includes an adjustable seat belt, ensuring a safe ride.

Moreover, the doors contain locks so they will not swing open when the vehicle is in motion. The car also features a trunk that is an ideal place to store the charger and small tools.An impressively realistic feature is the inclusion of side mirrors that--although not made out of glass—reflect very well. There is also a port for a phone if the supervising adult wishes to add music.

It took approximately one hour and fifteen minutes to assemble the car with the installation of the motor and the steering column being the only semi-tricky parts. Slotting the connector to one side and turning the car sideways to check it is the best way to ensure that the motor has been properly installed. One must also ensure that the wiring for the charger is clear before securing the car seat.

The steering column assembly is slightly difficult since it must be aligned correctly which can take a few tries. Ittakes about twelve hours to initially charge the car in the port that is cleverly designed to resemble a gas tank door. Helpfully, the charger has lights that go from red to green when the car is fully charged. Upon attaining a full charge, the car will be ready for use for at least twelve hours. The vehicle can go up to 5mph in forward or reverse and the accelerator pedal is easy for children in the allotted age range to reach.


Whilst most of the design decisions on the car are well done, there are a few features that could be added. For instance, the speed meters on the dashboard do not actually work--they are simply stickers.

The most disappointing element with this model is that theheadlights and the rear lights are reflective but they do not actually light up. This is the most outstanding negative to the car's design since many Ride-ons from other lines do include illuminated front and rear lights.


Retailing for $249.99, this car is one of several Spiderman-themed models in the Dynacraft line--including quads and dune buggies for older children and a small car for younger children--but it is definitely the flashiest and most eye-appealing offering. Although competing companies like KidTrax offer quality V6 ride-ons such as the “Finding Dory Submarine” (which retails for the notably lower price of $179.99) they do not feature any models bearing the Spiderman license.Overall, the Spiderman 6V Super Car is a good ride-on for children who are fans of the character.