Would you use disposal sheets? Before you say you wouldn't use them, remember the many disposal things you do use. For instance, mothers use disposable diapers on their children. Some older people use disposable underwear. There are disposable tablecloths, napkins, and so many other disposable items. So, why not use disposable sheets? They do exist, and the people who have been brave enough to use them have confessed that they love them.

Disposable sheets

Maxwell Cohen, the founder of AfreSHeet,believes you should be throwing your sheets away after you sleep on them.

Cohen pitched his product on "Shark Tank" that got the attention and approval of Martha Stewart. Cohen's company makes the product that comes in seven soft waterproof layers. Users put all seven layers on the bed. When they change theirbed, they merely peel off the top one from theset and throw it away. Cohen says his idea is slowly catching on when people find out the convenience of using them. Just because they are disposable, don't think they are below quality. They are soft and comfortable to sleep on.

Disposable sheets are becoming popular

Cohen came up with the disposable sheets concept while in college when his bed served as his dining room table (among other things). Therefore, it is not surprising that the inventor thinks his product would be ideal for college students and for summer camps.

Since his presentation on "Shark Tank," Cohen's company has received orders from people who have guest houses. Instead of having a lot of laundry to wash, they change the beds and toss the sheets.

Cohen believes that his sheets will be on more people's beds within four to seven years. The designer explains that using disposable sheets rather than the regular ones will help consumers save on their water bill, electricity, and time because they don't have to wash them. Also, using disposablesheets is good for the environment because there are no chemical pollutants from laundry detergents and bleach. Would you use disposable sheets?