Fashion and art are very much linked, and a popular Gallery known as Carré d’artistes is celebrating both Fashion Week and its 15th anniversary via hosting an"Art Week" in galleries in the United States and abroad. The project has attracted fifteen artists who have agreed to paint mannequins which are then displayed in the windows of the gallery. The mannequin exhibition will be displayed until October 5, 2016.


Since opening in September of 2001--the month of Fashion Week--Carré d’artistes conceived the idea of painting on mannequins to celebrate the fusion between art, design and fashion apparel.

“Our network of contemporary art galleries is as international as the Fashion Week,” said Aurélia Quémeneur, a representative of Carré d’artistes. “We have artists and galleries in Paris, New York, Milan and elsewhere.”

In total, Carré d’artistes feature approximately 600 artists of different nationalities and artistic styles. For the purposes of the 15th-anniversary mannequin exhibition, they chose fifteen artists who work in very varied techniques, from street art to figurative art. “Carré d’artistes promotes artists of all kind and of all techniques, and it was important this operation would stay faithful to our philosophy,” Aurélia Quémeneur explained. “Anyone who visits our website will see the wide range of styles that we offer.”


The staff of Carré d’artistes regards working with the artists and promoting art globally to be a consistently rewarding.

Thus far, 2016 has been a very busy and productive year for the organization, especially due to a successful opening of a gallery in Atlanta, Georgia.

Moreover, galleries in numerous locations are constantly hosting artsy events to the public including signings by artists, live speeches and workshops led by professionally represented artists.

“Many more openings are still to come,” said Aurélia Quémeneur. “At the moment we are really focused on the mannequin exhibition which will only be on view for a few more weeks. Then we’ll have a new show—there is always something in the works.”