Spring cleaning and organizing can be a hefty chore, but fear not: "The Clutter Diet" founder Lorie Marrero has you covered. Blasting News spoke exclusively with the best-selling author and de-cluttering expert on Jan. 28 to learn some of her best organizing tips, and to find out more about one of Goodwill's coolest new programs, the Give Back Box, which allow consumers to donate items to their local Goodwill stores for free via postal mail.

Un-stuff theoverstuffed closet

When it comes to overloaded storage spaces, Marrero takes a two-pronged approach to de-cluttering.

First off, she recommends getting "real about what you're actually wearing" and getting rid of the items that never see the light of day, like "that shirt that you got for doing a 5K fun run that you never wear."

But it's not all about purging: Marrero also suggests noticing --and maximizing-- storage space potential. "Look for hidden storage areas, like the back of the closet door or above the door or behind the clothes," she suggested. "Anyplace that you can do to fit a hook" or add a shelf will help when it comes to organizing your space.

Create a routine

Per Marrero, we're often proud of ourselves when we finish a task, butwe don't always considerthe maintenance routines that are required to keepour spaces spick and span.

To combat potential complacency, Marrero recommended"having regular guidelines for yourself and your routines," and suggested implementing what she termed the "one in, one out rule." When you purchase a new pair of shoes, you must get rid of an older pair that you no longer wear. The strategy "keep things evened out and it's just a great rule to live by."

Get the kids involved

Kids can --and should-- be involved with spring cleaning and year-round household de-cluttering efforts.

Marrero again suggested the "one in, one out" rule. She also recommended sharing details of how organizations like Goodwill help the community in order to inspire kids to part with some of their things. "A lot of people don't know that [money from sales]goes toward programs [like job training and financial literacy education] for people in the community," she explained.

Send off a Give Back Box

De-cluttering is a necessary task that most don't particularly enjoy, but it feels goodwhen unwanteditems go to support a worthy cause or organization. Marrero, who serves as a spokesperson for Goodwill, explained at length how Give Back Boxes work. "It couldn't be any easier to donate with this [program]," she said. "We all do our online shopping and we get these cardboard boxes and then we have to break them down and recycle them, or worse, they end up in a landfill. What you can do is just... take things you're no longer using, put them in the same box, seal it up, go to GiveBackBox.com, print out a free shipping label, and request a free pick-up from the postal service or you can take it to a UPS store. Either way, it doesn't cost you anything, it goes to the nearest participating Goodwill."

With spring around the corner, de-cluttering just got significantlymore convenient thanks to Marrero's tips.