Upper body workouts offer you vital tips to effectively tone the arms and chest on the road, gym, or at home. These tips incorporate only bodyweight exercises, a set of dumbbells, and a mat. In the absence of dumbbells, a resistance band can easily help you do all these exercises with a few minor adjustments. Most people believe that “Abs are created in the kitchen” which is somehow true, but they are built in the gym too -- stimulus is critical for any muscle to grow density and size. To model a ripped six-pack, the secret is that you`ll need to focus on your abs with more than just ab-wheel rollouts and plank holds.

Every movement you apply should include the core to stabilize your trunk in space.

Forget “abs day” and concentrate on these ten body exercises to hammer your midsection and build a thick and strong upper-body while at the same time converting every training session into a phenomenal core workout.

Feet elevated or push up on ball

Push ups are an attractively practical exercise, and it's affectionately nicknamed the king of all upper body exercises in the fitness industry. That's because this particular exercise works several muscles of your upper body and it can be used to measure the overall physical fitness of an individual. The push up is mainly designed to train the chest muscles or the pectorals.

But, it also incorporates forearms, core muscles, biceps, shoulders, triceps, and wrists. Therefore, the best way to build your upper body strength is by doing a few sets a day.

Wrist Curl

Human beings can grasp and manipulate objects due to the movements of wrist muscles. Yet, the majority forget to train and strengthen these delicate muscles.

Strangely enough, wrist muscles are combined with forearms muscles to help virtually in every activity concerning our upper bodies. It is, therefore, important you often train and strengthen these muscles to assist you in maintaining improved hand function and avoid wrist injuries as well. Wrist curls strengthen the joints around the wrist, and the forearm muscles (thus reducing the chances of injury).

Bicep Curl

The bicep curl is a simple exercise intended to boost the muscle and the strength tolerance of your upper arms. The bicep muscle is positioned in the front of the arms. Contrary to popular belief, it's much smaller when compared to the tricep muscles, situated at the back of the arms. However, the bicep muscle is used as a different muscle despite its small size, in almost every activity requiring the major muscles groups of upper bodies, mainly the shoulders, back, and chest. Therefore, it's crucial to exercise this muscle.

Tricep overhead extension

Pressing heavy objects overhead is one of the perfect alternatives to structure a robust and ripped core. The focus aims at transferring energy from the ground all the way to your arms and balancing the dark object when it's extended fully overhead.

That's because this workout is created to isolate and target the large muscle positioned in the back of the arms, as well as your triceps muscle. Apart from its aesthetic merits, exercising the tricep muscles will drastically boost the strength of your arms.

Skull Crusher

The skull crusher is the modified model of the tricep overhead extension. It's a workout designed to target mainly the larger muscles located in the back of the upper arm, and your tricep muscle. Additionally, unlike the tricep overhead extension, the advanced version incorporates your forearms, wrists, core, and quad muscles (to a minor degree).