Most of us have invest time working out at the gym, doing crunches and sit-ups till our muscles cramp, with the objective of achieving washboard abs. But, shockingly, we`ve been tackling it all wrong. According to Nicola Addison, a celebrity personal trainer the founder of Eqvvs Training in Knightsbridge, the secret of doing away with tummy lies in planks, weights including the kitchen.

Here, the personal trainer who has coached stars including Erin O'Connor, Daisy Lowe, and Elle Macpherson, share her experience regarding why sit-ups are not a good solution- and what you should actually incorporate to achieve your ideal abs.

The facts

Sorry if you are offended, but sit ups won`t earn you a flat tummy. It doesn’t matter how firm your abdominals are; you will simply never view them. Sit ups shockingly do not eliminate fat from the stomach- as much as you may tend to believe it, patch decreasing of fat is a speculation.

How to attain that flat stomac

Build muscle

Fall in love with weights. Most calories are burnt in the muscles especially in the mitochondria. Besides, muscles are the furnaces thus, the stronger the mass of muscle that is active the higher the chance to burn out more calories. This doesn’t only apply in your exercise, but also throughout the day as a catalyst to your basal metabolic rate.

Concentrate on compound workouts

It has been confirmed that traditional weight training can increase the speed of your basal metabolic by 15%.

Therefore, introduce workouts that challenge complex movements (multiple joints) and numerous muscle groups into your workout schedule.


Planks are highly recommendable to get flatter Stomach quickly. The transversus abdominus helps to compress the abdomen and protects the back. Static contractions like planks will as well help tighten your abdominal wall.

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Your diet

Surprisingly, abs are hunted in the gym but prepared in the kitchen. You obviously can`t escape from poor diet, no matter how hard you train. A diet that is rich in processed foods, salt, sugar, trans and saturated fats will mercilessly obstruct that six pack.

So concentrate on reducing carbohydrates and refined sugar intake, and increasing your intake of proteins coupled with the mentioned moves- you should start realizing some stomach shape up in no time.