Every New Year comes with its own resolutions with losing weight and becoming fit topping the list. However, 2017 has come up with unique rules, defying the traditional norms for white collar employees.

For a long time, individuals with desk jobs have always felt that there is minimum opportunity to boost their levels of physical activity during the work day. However, converting just one meeting per week from a seated to a walking meeting can positively impact the standard of office workers in just 10 minutes. This is according to a study that was conducted by the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami in Florida on white-collar employees invited to incorporate an easy, seven-point walking meeting protocol.

Science behind walking meeting

This walking meeting initiative research offers early evidence that white-collar employees find it sensible and acceptable to adopt the recent walking meeting as opposed to the traditional seated meeting.

Several types of research prove that physical activity assists to increase overall health and fitness, and decreases an individual`s threat of many chronic diseases. Additionally, engaging in moderate intensity exercise or brisk walking for just 15 minutes per day can increase life expectancy up to three years.

Why most Americans are overweight

Despite all this, only half of all Americans adults report attaining the exercise activity guidelines of 30 minutes per day of moderate-intensity physical activity.

In fact, millions of office workers across the United States invest most of their working day sitting.

Combining these points together with the reality that employees spend on average 38 hours a week at work, it is evident that the workplace offers a unique opportunity to enhance practices that could substantially boost physical activity plus, the general health.

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New Year, new resolutions

We are only five days into 2017, but complaints from 5-9 workers are alarming. In fact, the latest rumor has already emerged that losing weight is all about mental ability and what you consume while the gym is all about becoming fit. Besides all those speculations, my take is that with walking meetings you can quickly lose those extra pounds even in your line of duty. This is because the data gathered from this pilot research observes that walking meetings, a simple advancement on traditional seated meetings, is easy to implement during regular working hours.