Everyone knows the struggle of finding a cheap accommodation for atrip, especially a spontaneous one – hours of searching on booking sites and being terrified by the prices, then going to the popular AirBnB sitejust to find out that everything has been already booked out. This is often followed by the last resort – CouchSurfing, where the Murphy's Law works perfectly – a potential host responds only when you've already paid for the hostel in an act of frustration and desperation

All of this will potentially soon be over with the emergence of a new way of cheap travel – Trampolinn.

Trampolinn is not only an extremely affordable way to travel and stay at cool places, it also leaves that money system out and focuses on the culture of sharing and on people as a community of individuals with their own interests and dreams.

What is Trampolinn and how does it work?

Simply, it is a home sharing community – but with a new, smart and exciting system. It doesn't have almost anything to do with money (like Airbnb) or with the awesomeness of your "cover letter" and luck (like CouchSurfing) -- it works with points just as your favorite computer game. The points you earned you can spend on nights at a place of your choice – you can choose not only the city, country and people you want to visit, but also the type of accommodation.

Do you want it to be an entire house or apartment, a summer cottage, a shared place, a shared room or a tent in a garden? Well, it's up to you – the price of a place is in points and the system intelligently counts how much this or that place would cost, so you can easily choose options based on your points score or, perhaps, your plans and dreams.

How do you get points?

First of all, by filling your profile, verifying e-mail and phone number, uploading pictures of you and your place, dropping a few lines about your personality and hobbies, signing up for groups of interests... The main source of points is, however, hosting people at your place – later you can exchange these hosting points into a couple of nights in, say, Barcelona or Venice.

It is also a fantastic way to meet new people of different cultures than yours -- you can show your guests around, share some laughs and coffees, become friends and visit their place after all.

What is also innovative about Trampolinn is that sharing or swapping your house doesn't have to be mutual: hosting a couple from Brazil doesn't mean you have to go all the way there to their place. You can spend the hosting points you earned on staying at absolutely any place you want.

Trampolinn inspires people to make their dreams come true and step out of your comfort zone: explore the world, share their unique culture and experiences and meet new friends.Staying at great places has never been so easy, cheap and insightful.