For those not familiarized with the cannabis revolution,medical marijuanais now legal in 23 states plus D.C. But marijuana is not the only variety coming from cannabis, albeit the most know: hemp too derives of the plant. And the latter has so many benefits – especially due to the high levels of cannabidiol, or CBD – that newcompanies are developing cutting-edge skin creams with it. Some for beauty purposes, other for skin conditions and multiple ailments.

What CannaCeuticals does is the beauty part. I caught up with executive Sherry Berrie in Los Angeles last week, during the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo, to talk about the new skincare line, launched in March.

The brand was one of the many that exhibited at the expo, which brought together entrepreneurs, companiesand advocates of the plant.

"We knew that CBD has been clinically tried to be a superior anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. And two of the major reasons for premature aging is free radicals damage and inflammation," Berry explained. "We put it through clinical trials to see what it would do on the skin and we were surprised to find out that in less than two weeks you have a 14% improvement in skin texture. What was really staggering to us is that there was a 7% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles as well." Enter CannaCeuticals with the anti-aging line CBD SkinCream and zero THC – that stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, the substance responsible for the 'high' people experience from marijuana.

At this point, consumers can buy the products online or at cannabis dispensaries, and the prices are fairly reasonable – the cleanser and the toner are $18, the mask is $26, the day cream and the night cream are $42 and the eye gel is $35. The most expensive product is the treatment serum with 90 miligrams of micro encapsulated CBD, which will set you back $92.

Berry says all of the creams, which have a pharmaceutical grade, include other anti-aging components. "It’s been proven that CBD enhances the effect of other ingredients," she says.

The company is based inSwitzerland and is now researching other potential uses for CBD. "We’re really excited to do clinical trials to see what it does to acne, rosacea, dark spots.

It takes so much money and so much time, this was a huge accomplishment on our part." The skincare has been on backorder twice now, she states. And guess what: the company, Isodiol, also makes water with CBD, Kombucha drinks and CBD oils. These are meant to be used internally, for instance under the tongue, and are used to treatseizures, inflammation and pain, Alzheimer’s (anything neurological), memory, energy.

Another company investing in the area is Apothecana, which develops creams for medical purposes but also has an everyday skin treatment line. Some of its products are being used by a SPA in Long Beach, and seven massage rooms are being booked a month in advance, with 200 massages a week."Your mom uses weed cream" is one of the funny motos they brought along to the conference. CEO James Kennedysaid, at the end of the day, that this is "not that different from what they would buy in Sephora."