A few weeks back, game developer Studio Wildcard rolled out a poll asking the “ARK: Survival Evolved” community what creature they want to see added to the game’s “Lost Island” map. It was a pretty good idea to let its player base have a voice on this one, though some deemed it otherwise.

'ARK: Survival Evolved's Lost Island creature poll

As mentioned, Wildcard posted this Lost Island: Creature Submission poll where “ARK” players have until the 23rd of this month to cast their votes. Everything’s going well, to say the least, until a content creator – Nexxuz may well seem to have meddled with the voting process.

YouTuber and “ARK” player Trafalgar pointed this out in a recent video as he detailed how Nexxuz did what, according to Trafalgar, everyone is expecting to happen. For the uninitiated, this massive gaming content creator is a big fan of the dino survival title from Wildcard, and with that, he too submitted his entry. Sure, he has every right in the world to do so, but not explicitly tell his 4.16 million fans to go out and vote for his personal submission.

Another ‘ARK’ player was first to come up with the idea

Also, it needs to be highlighted that another “ARK” player first pitched in the idea. Solesolosoul was actually the first to submit the creature - a Pterosaur species recently discovered in China known as Sinomacrops.

The said player even addressed the situation since it’s been blowing up within the “ARK: Survival Evolved” community.

According to him, fellow “ARK” players have called his attention about “a YouTuber” stealing his idea. Albeit that happening, Sole stated in his edited post that there’s still an opportunity for another creature submission to win.

He admitted that it hurts him that his entry has grown to become the cause of scrutiny. Additionally, he stated that as much as he wanted his Sinomacrops entry to win, he stated that he does not condone well-known “ARK” content creators taking advantage of their popularity to turn the tides of the polling results. Sole advised fellow Survivors to “not be a sheep” and vote for the creature they like since the poll was not made for personal gains.

Survivors in unison

Down in the comments, “ARK” players are pretty much in unison with their two cents. They do not have it. Even a Survivor has claimed to have noticed that some of the accounts were just newly created and coincidentally came to the Sinomacrops thread.

As of writing, Sinomacrops takes a commanding lead of 5,518 votes, followed by the “prehistoric giant Madrill/Baboon” known as Dinopithecus with 1591 votes. Ceratosaurus is in third place with 684 votes. Survivors still have time to vote what creature they want to be introduced in the upcoming map. Just like what Sole said, don't be sheeps.