The Epic Games-Apple Inc. legal battle rages on as it recently just got underway in court. With that in mind, it may well seem that this courtroom scuffle between these two companies has just uncovered details about some upcoming crossovers and artist collaboration to be featured in the former’s “Fortnite: Battle Royale.”

Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande performances

Fortnite” BR’s player base is pretty much acquainted with the fact that the game rolls out in-game concerts from well-known artists in which one of the most notable was the rapper Travis Scott’s “Astronomical” event.

Epic is likely to dish out more of these in-game performances from big-name artists as it was found out through the leaked documents that there were plans to book the likes of Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande.

Game Rant noted that Epic’s Chief Executive Officer – Tim Sweeney stated during last year’s “round of Sony-backed investment” that the developer has plans to “routinely leverage the music industry.” However, these plans may have been set aside for time being. It was pointed out, though, that since the usual summer festivals are in shambles due to the ongoing global health crisis, this would be a perfect opportunity for such plans.

Lebron James x ‘Fortnite’

Another “Fortnite” intel that got leaked by those legal documents is the collaboration between the National Basketball Association and the NBA superstar LeBron James.

Players of the BR shooter are all too familiar that the game also did some collabs alongside sporting associations like the National Football League (NFL). If the leaked documents are anything to go by it’s also suggestive of a so-called basketball mode planned for the BR title.

Can you smell what Epic is cookin’?

Prior to this information getting spilled, there were speculations back then the WWE’s The Rock could be making an appearance in “Fortnite.” The Wrestlelamia YouTube channel quoted an article from ThirstyNews stating that the “FNBR” community could be copping themselves a Dwayne Johnson skin soon, though Epic has yet to confirm such intel.

Nonetheless, the article pointed out that since the leaked documents from the game maker indicate such plans, it’s likely that the Brahma Bull will be making his way to the game eventually.

Samus, please

Iconic videogame heroes from different game franchises have also set foot on the “Fortnite” map and so far, characters from both the PlayStation and Xbox platforms can be seen in the game.

As for Nintendo’s Switch console, this has yet to be seen. Just like The Rock, “Metroid’s” Samus Aran was supposed to be introduced alongside “God of War’s” Kratos and “Halo’s” Master Chief last year. Unfortunately, this did not come to fruition. Here’s to hoping for a Samus skin in the game (provided that the leaked documents are still in motion amidst the legal drama).

Them too

Other notable characters were also spotted within the pages of the documents:

  • The Bride from “Kill Bill”
  • Katniss Everdeen from “The Hunger Games”
  • Bob “Snake” Plissken from “Escape from New York”
  • John McClane from “Die Hard”
  • Reggaeton singer J Balvin
  • and yes, even Naruto

Will these ever see the light of day? The “Fortnite” fandom is keeping their fingers crossed.