Many "Fortnite Battle Royale" players have tried to get their names in record books. Some of the records are extremely tough to beat and they require a lot of focus and energy, and not even the most skilled players could break them. Recently, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and Malachi “Reverse2k” Greiner attempted to break the "Fortnite" record for most duo wins in a row.

The record Ninja and Reverse2k had been chasing was set by Siqqza, who won 42 duo games in a row. This record is impressive and many "Fortnite Battle Royale" players have tried to break it, but they haven't been successful.

On October 2, around 6:20 PM Eastern Time, Ninja and Reverse2k won their 42nd duo game in a row, tying the record. In their next game, the team landed on a relatively unpopular location west of Sunny Steps, and they eventually won the game, breaking the record.

The record now stands at 43 wins and counting

Ninja, who is still one of the most popular "Fortnite Battle Royale" players, has a 58 percent win rate in Duos in Season X. His K/D ratio is over 16.2, and he has had the best stats in this mode when compared to the other two core modes. On the other side, Reverse2k's winning percentage in Duos mode in the current season is around 47 percent with 12.4 K/D ratio. Just like his Duo partner, Reverse2k has the best stats in this mode.

These two players struggled in a few games, but they managed to stay focused and break the impressive record. In their last game, after landing west of Sunny Steps, the duo moved to Lazy Lagoon and used Driftboards to get to the safe zone. After the first circle closed, there were only 31 players alive in the lobby. The team then moved to Loot Lake and used the rift to move southwest of Pleasant Park, where they got their first two eliminations.

The third elimination came on the hill above the villain base, with only 15 players left in the lobby. The two players kept attacking their enemies and playing aggressively, trying to get some eliminations while breaking the record. Reverse2k got the fourth elimination for the team, leaving only eight players in the lobby. At the end, the team finished with eight eliminations, with Ninja getting five of them and his partner taking down three players.

Current leaderboard

At the moment, Ninja and Reverse2k are tied for first place on the leaderboard for most Duo wins in a row with 43. Siqqza was moved to the third spot with his 42-victory streak, while zRotation, M10 Pepper, and M10 Harmii are all tied for the fourth spot with 40 victories in a row each. After this, ImFeelingCracked and AlmostDusk have 34 Duo wins in a row, while everyone else has 29 or fewer wins.