Epic Games has decided to extend Season 9 of "Fortnite Battle Royale" by two weeks because of the Fortnite World Cup. The tournament, which starts on Saturday, July 27, will feature the best players and millions of dollars in cash prizes, making it the biggest "Fortnite" tournament ever. This is why the game developer did not want to start Season 10 before it as it would force players to get used to new features, items, and big map changes that come with every season.

Because of the extension of the season, "Fortnite Battle Royale" players will be given Overtime challenges which will reward them with free cosmetic items.

In addition to these free cosmetic items, players may also receive a free Battle Pass for Season 10. So far, data miners have revealed these challenges and their rewards, so we will have to wait for them to be released before we can see if they include the Battle Pass or not.

Challenges in Season 9

"Fortnite Battle Royale" players have two more weeks to complete their Season 9 weekly challenges and collect Fortbytes to unlock the special skin. In these last two weeks, they will also receive two new sets of challenges as Epic Games will release both Overtime challenges and challenges for the second birthday of the video game. Both of these sets are expected to be released on weekend, starting on July 20.

Overtime challenges were first introduced with Season 7. Completing these tasks would reward players with three additional skin styles, a skydiving contrail, Season XP, two loading screens, a special wrap, and a Season 8 Battle Pass. In Season 9, players will get almost identical rewards, but it is currently unknown whether or not the Season 10 Battle Pass will be included.

According to data miner Lucas7yoshi, there will be once again 13 Overtime challenge, just like in Season 7. These challenges will reward players with three additional styles for Season 9 Battle Pass skins (Bunker Jonesy, Stratus, Demi), three loading screens, and 50,000 Season XP in total. You can see all the additional skin styles in the tweet below.

When it comes to different skin styles, it is important to note that the Singularity outfit has five additional styles that cannot be seen in the game before they are picked up. Players have to go to certain locations while using this skin and pick up different helmets in order to unlock new styles. Helmet locations are in Pressure Plant, Loot Lake, Salty Springs, Polar Peak, and Neo Tilted, and they can be seen in the video below.

Free Battle Pass included?

At the moment, it appears that the Overtime challenges will not include the free Battle Pass for Season 10. However, data miners have found some strings that have been added with the v9.40 update which contain both free and paid versions of the upcoming Battle Pass. There is a chance that the next Battle Pass becomes free, but it appears it will not be unlocked with these challenges.