Without a doubt, “Avengers: Endgame” was the biggest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise. It also signaled the final bows of many prominent MCU star cast members. If you are already missing the core Avengers team in audiovisual form, then perhaps this new upcoming video game might interest you greatly.

Avengers: A-Day” is an upcoming action-adventure title based on Marvel’s premier superhero team, popularized by the MCU. It is also being brought by an all-star collaboration of developers and publisher: Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, plus Square Enix.

This is another of the company’s next big games alongside “Final Fantasy VII Remake” on PS4.

Awesome trailer and voice cast

The first trailer for “Avengers: A-Day” was showcased in the keynote presentation of Square Enix during the 2019 (E3) event according to TechCrunch. If the game-makers meant to impress the audience to hide the fact that “A-Day” will not release until May next year, they succeeded. What they did not quite succeed in was in acquiring licenses for the likenesses of the MCU actors for their videogame counterparts. While the Crystal Dynamics and Eidos graphics of the titular Avengers are quite impressive, players better not expect to control Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, and others.

But at least Square Enix was able to get prime voice-acting talent for “Avengers: A-Day,” if one regularly follows animated dubbing circles.

According to Gamespot, these include the likes of veteran VAs like Nolan North (“Deadpool” video game) as Iron Man, Jeff Schine as Captain America, Laura Bailey reprising her “Avengers: Assemble” role of Black Widow, Travis Willingham (Guile of “Street Fighter IV-V”) as Thor, and Troy Baker as Bruce Banner/Hulk. It also helps that these talents have been longtime collaborators in a variety of anime and videogame dubbing projects, guaranteeing an A-game acting job for this game from all involved.

‘A-Day’ repurposes MCU movie plots

While the gameplay and other mechanics for “Avengers: A-Day” are still unclear, the E3 trailer at least gives a hint of the premise, a storyline seemingly cobbled from past movies in the MCU. A voiceover places the start of the action during a public gathering for the Avengers, the “A-Day” celebration. What starts as a fun event in San Francisco is interrupted by a massive terror attack, one the Avengers fail to stop which causes public opinion to sour. Five years later (a la “Endgame”) the Avengers are pariahs, with all superheroes outlawed (like “Civil War”). But when a secret enemy threatens the world, only Earth’s Mightiest Heroes reunited can stop them, all rendered in Square Enix's graphical and audio beauty.

Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, and Square Enix are slating “Avengers: A-Day” to release on May 15, 2020, for the Xbox One, Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and the similarly-upcoming Google Stadia. Gamespot adds that a beta for the game is coming soon, initially for PS4 players.