"Fortnite: Battle Royale" season 9 is finally Live and the first cinematic teaser for the latest season shows that a lot of new things will be coming to the game. Players will be getting new cosmetic items with the season 9 Battle Pass as usual and additionally, major locations on the map have also undergone a complete revamp in the new season.

Overall, there were barely any leaks for season 9, aside from the official teasers that were posted on "Fortnite's" official social media accounts. The official teaser poster teased the word "NEO" and we finally know what it means.

What's new in season 9?

First of all, the word "NEO" meant that a new location called "Neo Tilted" will be replacing the former "Tilted Towers" which was wrecked by fireballs from the volcano eruption. The new version of Tilted Tower gives a futuristic look at the fan-favorite place and adds exciting new buildings to it as well.

The new update also does justice to Retail Row, which was destroyed by the volcano as well. The new Retail Row is called "Mega Mall" and all new structures in the new point of interest try to bring back the location to its former glory. Finally, the volcano from season 8 is no more. The place has been replaced by another location called "Pressure Plant" and it looks somewhat similar to Dusty Divot.

As usual, the new season update has brought new means of mobility and this time it's a fanless fan/wind tunnel sort of thing that boosts players from one location to another location. The wind tunnels are located all across the map and players can quickly travel using it, although it seems like players will not be able to use weapons or items while riding the wind tunnel.

The teaser also showcases another form of Bouncer, but this time it has fans on it.

New battle pass

Battle pass for season 9 of "Fortnite: Battle Royale" is not free and will be purchasable from the in-game store for 950 V-Bucks like before. Players can also buy a Battle Bundle that costs 2,800 V-Bucks, which includes that season 9 battle pass with first 25 tiers unlocked.

When players buy the normal battle pass, they unlock two outfits called Sentinel and Rox. The Rox skin comes with a new type of harvesting tool called dual axes. In case players buy the Battle Bundle, they instantly unlock a third skin called "Bunker Jonesy," which is normal Jonesy with a long beard wearing a Peely skin cape.

At 100 tier, players will unlock another outfit called Vendetta. Vendetta is a progressive outfit and was previously teased in the first teaser of season 9. The new patch has also added a new feature to the game and it is called Fortbytes. According to the trailer, the Fortbytes will help players with unlocking new rewards and secrets of season 9.