Bungie recently rolled out a new Exotic quest in “Destiny 2” that whoever completes it will be rewarded with a nifty pulse rifle dubbed the Outbreak Perfected. Its final quest step – Zero Hour – is one tough nut to crack thanks to its final boss alongside the waves of enemies that keep on spawning throughout the boss fight. However, some players have figured out how to stop these enemy spawns making this final level quite easy to finish.

Keeping them alive

According to YouTuber Cheese Forever, a good portion of “D2” players already knew the trick as he calls it the Niobe Labs effect.

This quest step will have a starting lineup of enemies as the YouTuber added that there will be a couple of giant Servitor phases, a couple more Spider Tanks, shielded Shanks, Vandals, and Dregs whenever its level boss (Siriks, Loyal to Eramis) has taken some damage. This horde of enemies will keep on popping up when all of them are eliminated thus giving the impression of an infinite enemy spawn.

Cheese noticed that a new wave of enemies will appear every 15 seconds after the last enemy in the current wave has been eliminated. With that in mind, he said that the obvious way to prevent these hostiles from spawning is simply not to kill all them adding that even keeping one of the enemies alive throughout the boss fight will do the trick.

As for the type of enemy to leave alive, he recommended the shielded Shank for players who are using long-ranged weapons. Guardians can also leave a Marauder and use one of the side platforms to eliminate Siriks with ease.

Another cheese

Prior to this, the YouTuber also uploaded a video detailing how to perform what he calls an outside wall respawn also in the Zero Hour quest step.

He pointed out, though, that it does not allow players to skip the puzzle, but a way to be revived outside instead of going back at the beginning of the jumping puzzle.

Per the short clip, players will just have to go by the keycard and eliminate themselves. They can use a combination of their rocket launchers, grenade, grenade launchers and even auto rifles that have Ricochet to do it.

Cheese even advised players not to jump until the first platform begins to rise and land on the middle platforms (for the second part) before going to the safe part below the platform.

Meanwhile, Bungie released another installment of their This Week At Bungie post where they detailed the incoming Exotic nerfs that will go live alongside “Destiny 2’s” seventh season (Season of Opulence). They also announced that they’ll be making some “slight changes” to Iron Banner next season as its full details will be revealed a week before the event returns in the Season of Opulence.