"Fortnite: Battle Royale's" latest update v8.30 has added a couple of new cosmetic items to the game and it seems like one of the new leaked outfits will be coming to "Fortnite" as a part of a new starter pack. The special Battle Pass skin from season 8's Discovery challenges was revealed weeks ago, although data miners have got their hands on the model of the outfit, and the matching back bling that comes with it, before its official release.

'Fortnite' patch v8.30 cosmetic items

Compared to other content updates in the past, patch v8.30 has not added many cosmetic items to "Fortnite," though most of the current leaked outfits are special skins.

First of all, the Discovery challenge outfit called "Ruin" will be coming to the game next week, along with the "Dying Light" back bling. Here's how the new skin looks like:

"Fortnite: Battle Royale" recently got a new starter pack called the "Laguna Pack," but the latest reveal from data miners suggests that we might see a new starter pack in the in-game store soon. The new Inferno outfit, Crimson Scythe, Inferno Wrap, and V-Bucks challenges will be a part of the latest bundle. Here's the whole Inferno pack:

The leakers have also revealed that the bundle will be accompanied by challenges that will reward players with V-Bucks upon completion.

Other leaked cosmetic items include:

  • Stealth Reflex - "Protect your turf"
  • Stealth Response Unit - "Quick and quiet"
  • Stealth Pivot - "Strategic silence"
  • Dread - "Instill fear"
  • Stealth Angular Axe - "Angle for the win"
  • Relax Axe - "Victory is in the palm in your hand"
  • Switchstep - "Switch it up"

Possible 'Avenger: Endgame' update

With the "Avengers: Endgame" release only a couple of weeks away, it has been rumored that "Fortnite: Battle Royale" will be getting an "Avengers" themed Limited Time Mode, just like the Thanos LTM during "Avengers: Infinity War" release.

According to data miners, some code found in the latest patch points to another guest appearance of the Mad Titan Thanos.

"Fortnite" data miner "Skin-Tracker" had been searching the new kill feed messages that were added with the latest patch and found messages saying "[Player name] yielded to the POWER of Thanos" and "unleashed an inferno on [Player name]."

While it's possible that Epic Games might be tricking fans into thinking that an "Avengers" LTM is coming to the game, a new leak about the upcoming patch date suggests that we might be getting content from the game after all.

Famous Fortnite leaker Lucas7Yoshi has found that two updates v8.40 and v8.50 are set to be released in this week and next week.

Update v8.50 will go live on April 23, which is a day before the release of "Avengers: Endgame," so there's a chance that we might be getting a new LTM after all.