"Apex Legends" has been out for two months and players are still learning how to play it and be more effective when it comes to getting eliminations. The game is still fresh and its first season was released in March. Also, a lot of new players join it every single day. Respawn Entertainment has managed to get over 50 million players in the first month of the release, and this number is expected to hit 100 million very soon.

The video game developer has released two new items in the past two months, including the Launch Pad. This item has helped players make some creative characters and find new ways to eliminate their opponents and win games.

Most recently, one "Apex Legends" players figured out another way to eliminate the opposition, and it included utilizing the double-pump technique!

The double-pump trick

The double-pump technique became incredibly popular in "Fortnite Battle Royale" during the earlier seasons of the game. Players were able to carry two or more shotguns in their inventories and to fire them quickly one after another. This technique was considered overpowered, which is why Epic Games removed it. However, "Apex Legends" players can use the technique in their game, and just like in "Fortnite," it is incredibly powerful!

YouTube user Skeltano has revealed the trick on how to do this technique in Respawn's battle royale game.

The trick is very easy and it requires players to shoot the Peacekeeper in rapid succession. After firing the gun once, it is necessary to press three buttons and fire it off again. These three buttons are the buttons assigned to Melee, Ultimate Ability, and Ping. If you are on a PC, you would need to press V, Q, and the middle mouse button by default.

As you can see in the video above, this trick is very useful and it deals massive damage to enemies. However, it is necessary to practice it first and make sure you hit the buttons at the right time. The training mode can help you with this, and you can then use the double-pump trick in player-versus-player lobbies.

Will it be nerfed or removed?

Considering that the double-pump technique in "Apex Legends" requires pressing a combination of different buttons, it is clear that the video game developer did not intend it to be in the game. I expect the technique to be nerfed or removed soon, possibly with the next update. Until then, learn to use it and score some easily-achieved eliminations with it!