Crimson Days may not be that much of a hype to some “Destiny 2” players, but there are still a couple of reasons the event is worth the grind. Bungie also made some clarifications about Valor bonuses during the Valentine-themed event as there was a bit of a slip up when it got announced on their recent post.

Reddit user u/brettsmods spotted the difference between the two Crimson Days posts where the original post initially announced that Valor bonuses will be available all throughout the event. He added that the developer did what he called a “stealth edit” as it is now stated on the post that the bonuses will now be made available only for this weekend.

Slight miscommunication

Dmg admitted to the faux pas and apologized for the miscommunication it caused. He further explained that they too had a miscommunication internally that led to a wrong copy of the blog. The community manager went on stating that he already updated the post to represent their actual plans.

On boss damage and Glory Ranks

Cozmo also took note of a couple of suggestions over on the game’s subreddit regarding boss damage and Glory Ranks. Redditor u/YungFooz believes that having the boss damage being displayed if the team completes the raid is one of the small features that a lot of Guardians would love to see in the game.

Cozmo commented that the pitch has been passed along, adding that the idea reminded him of his “WoW” days being a rogue and he has the penchant of using the recount just to show off his DPS.

The same thing went for u/TocharaehD’s post about Glory ranks. Per his lengthy post, Glory ranks should never be lost. He further explained that while Guardians lose points for losses, there is no reason to drop from Heroic II down to Brave III.

The OP also pointed out that it would also make pinnacle weapon quests a bit more “approachable” for those who have veered away from how this ranking system works.

D2 not meeting Activision’s expectations

Meanwhile, the recent Activision Blizzard earnings call revealed the reason why it parted ways with Bungie.

Per the company’s COO Cody Johnson, the corporate breakup was due to some IP ownership issues, adding that “Destiny 2” was not hitting their financial expectations. The COO added that albeit that fact that the “Destiny” franchise is a highly critically-acclaimed, high-quality content, he didn’t foresee the title as one of its top earners in the next fiscal year.