A new TWAB post has been rolled out where it revealed what to expect in “Destiny 2’s” Season of the Drifter in terms of the game’s clan progression. Alongside this Bungie also addressed several emerging issues in the online-only shooter that were brought to light over on Reddit. These issues include an intermittent bug in The Last Word Exotic quest, Radiolaria and Ether drops, and tokens.

Bungie’s Design lead Steve Dolan and Senior Designer Mike Uyeda detailed the above-mentioned clan progression in “Destiny 2” as they’ve been collecting feedback about it including its rewards.

According to them, they brought back some progression mechanics alongside some tweaks to improve the gaming experience.

Clan progression in Season 6

They revealed that come Season of the Drifter, they’ll bring back the game’s launch system for stacking up those clan XP adding that daily clan bounties will be removed from the game. Instead, it will be replaced by three weekly bounties that would require a team to complete. They further explained that Hawthorne will be rolling out one PvP, PvE, and raid weekly bounty and these will reward players with huge XP points alongside some Legendary gear.

Dolan and Uyeda also stated that the rewards players receive from bounties will grow as they level up their clan banner:

  • Players will be rewarded with mod components whenever they complete a weekly bounty at tier 3.
  • Completing a weekly bounty at tier 4 will reward Guardians with enhancement cores.
  • A fourth weekly bounty will be unlocked at tier 6.

In line with this, they also tackled tier 5 perks for the upcoming season.

Per the perk, it stated that both Strike and Crucible catalysts will have an increased drop rate provided that players are playing with their clanmates. They will also roll out more of these catalysts from their Year 1 reserve for players who have already completed them. The design leads pointed out, though, that these won’t be readily available on Season 6’s first day, but advised the “D2” community to check future patch notes on when will it be released.

Cozmo and Dmg on other concerns

Cozmo, on the other hand, stated over on r/DestinyTheGame that since daily bounties will be removed, he assured the player base that there are no plans of removing any tokens from the game adding that they’ll give Guardians a heads up whenever new info about it arises.

He also addressed an intermittent bug within The Last Word quest’s final step. He stated that they are currently checking on it and clarified that players will have to do just the last bit of the quest and not the entirety of it whenever the bug happens.

Dmg also made a response regarding both the Radiolaria and Ether not dropping in the game stating that it’s now being investigated. He also stated that Raid Challenge bounties will be separate from the weekly bounties that will be offered by Hawthorne in Season 6.