'Fortnite's' season 7 had its major "Ice Storm" event a couple of days ago, and now, the first major content update for patch v7.20 is here. This content update mainly focuses on doing adjustments to many consumable items and an item relating to the current wintry theme of the game, the Sneaky Snowman, has also been added to the game with this small update. A new structure has also replaced the giant "Looming Llama" on The Block. Several items and weapons were also vaulted in this patch, and a limited-time mode has also returned to the game with this update.

What's in 'Fortnite's' latest content update?

First of all, the Sneaky Snowman, an item similar to The Bush, has been added to the game. Tons of Snowmen have appeared all over the map after Ice King brought the Ice Storm last week. It is a common item that can be thrown to create a destructible decoration and it can also be worn to blend with the surrounding. The Snowman has 100 health and works as a shield, but players cannot shoot or build while wearing the Snowman. Players can also throw the item on other players to slow them down.

After the content update, several items have been vaulted, meaning that they've been temporarily disabled in the Battle Royale mode.

These items include the Grappler, Quad Rocket Launcher, and Port-A-Fortress. The Grappler was one of the most used mobility items because it could easily be used to escape a tough situation like close range combat and the storm.

Other changes made in the game with the latest update are as follows:

  • The drop chance of Shield Potion has been reduced to 13.22 per cent (previously 16.53 per cent) for Floor Loot and to 9.51 per cent (previously 14.26 per cent) for Chests.
  • The drop chance of Small Shield Potion has been increased to 16.53 per cent (previously 13.22 per cent) for Floor Loot and to 14.26 per cent (from 9.51 per cent) for Chests.
  • The Gliders drop chance has been reduced to 4.43 per cent (previously 11.89 per cent) for Chests.
  • The Balloons drop chance has been reduced to 3.24 per cent (previously 7.58 per cent) for Chests.
  • The spawn rate of Quad Crasher vehicle has been reduced to 50 per cent (previously 100 per cent).
  • The spawn rate of the X-4 Stormwings plane has been reduced to 50 per cent (previously 80 per cent).

Other than the adjustments, a popular limited-time mode, Sniper Shootout, has returned.

Only Sniper Rifles and scoped weapons appear in this mode. Suppressed Sniper Rifles and Legendary Scoped Pistols are also available in this mode now. Last but not least, a new creation by player Directingpete called "Omega Pyramid" has replaced the Looming Llama structure on The Block.